5 Trending Tips that Will Help You Make High-quality Content for Your Website

Creating quality content for your website on a constant basis can be tiresome. After all, your audiences and their expectations shift just like popular trends on the internet.

Trends in content creation change with new technologies, niche topics as well as online tools that help shape that content. SEO has evolved to a point where it can detect spam content from far away with decreasingly small room for error.

This is why it’s important to follow that pattern and implement trends to your own content as well. With 2018 well underway, let’s take a look at some of the most predominant tips that will help you create high-quality content for your site in order to drive traffic and engagement.

  1. Original content matters

We’ve mentioned SEO as an important aspect of content creation and for a good reason. Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) has been the deciding factor for website ranking and visibility for years. Abiding by the rules of SEO is essential if you want to be seen by people who search for terms relevant to your own content.

But what is the most predominant aspect of content creation to abide by now that Search Engine Result Page (SERP) has fully embraced SEO? Make your content as original as possible. Use different wording, formatting or complete topics.

SEO can easily spot articles and content that has been lifted, paraphrased or partially taken from a different source. Comparing two articles with the same topic and content in order to see which one is the original is easy – all SEO has to do is look at the timestamps attached to them.

High-quality content comes from being original and ignoring what competition is doing. Make it a habit to write and talk about topics different from your competitions’. If a topic is too popular to pass on, look at it from a different angle and approach it with a new perspective on things. The more original and creative your content is, the better it will rank in search engines.

  1. Headings and subheadings

The more readable your content is the more people will want to read it. Formatting your content properly is one of the most important things to think about before posting it. As such, the way you name your content and separate it into different segments matters more than you think.

There is a good reason for why we like reading list articles and top ten lists – these articles are easy to skimp through. Your audience is far more likely to read the entire piece of content you created if you format it correctly.

You can easily hire an online writing professional to have your content formatted before publishing if you don’t know how to use CMS (Content Management System) yourself. Your title should be the most important aspect of the article, followed by clear subheadings that play off of the title.

For example, writing about the best football players in the world will naturally be followed with subheadings featuring their names and origins. Use this logic for every piece of content you create in order to strike a good balance of formatting and cohesion.

  1. Always make a statement

Content without any actionable statement usually fails to attract an audience. Calls to action, questions, as well as suggestions, are an important part of content creation. Don’t waste an opportunity to ask something, sell your product or stir up a conversation with your audience. Implementing calls to action is fairly easy and depends on the type of content you create.

  • You can ask a simple question at the end of each point/subheading and ask the audience to continue the conversation in the comments section.
  • Bookending your content with a call to action that tells the audience to “do something” with the knowledge they just acquired is a very effective tactic.
  • Using your website to promote your worldviews, opinions, and arguments with factual data to back you up can animate your audience effectively.
  • Implementing native ads that sell your or affiliated products is a great way to boost revenue and deliver quality content.

High-quality content is all about the impact you make on your audience. If they walk away from your content with a different attitude or a more positive outlook, you have succeeded in your mission.

  1. Corroborate your claims

Anything you claim on the internet has to be backed up by evidence. The internet is unrelenting when it comes to proving and disproving claims that are made out of nowhere. If you tell your audience that the employment rate of youth is dropping each year, make sure that you have studies and data ready to back you up.

This doesn’t apply to universally known facts such as “The sky is blue”, however even that may not be true in all parts of the world. Double-check all of your claims and link them to corresponding studies and articles that prove their truthfulness.

This is one of the most effective ways of creating quality content for your site. Once the audience realizes that you take your hobby/job seriously, they will keep coming back and bring their friends along as well.

  1. Short-form content prevails

The easier your content is to digest, the more exposure and attention it will get. Not every reader that comes across your content will have a good grasp of English language. Being as forthcoming, direct and clear as possible is always a good idea.

The same logic applies to the articles you will create for your site. Shorter articles with direct messages without unnecessary jargon, slang or technical vocabulary will always attract more people.

Knowing how to write good content while being “limited” to legibility and cohesion can be difficult at first. Once you have a defined audience and target demographic, pinpointing the exact type of content that works will be much easier.


Applying these trends to your content creation process shouldn’t be too difficult. Trends change overnight and knowing which ones to apply to your own site is often a gamble. Don’t be afraid of experimentation and keep evolving your website. It’s always better to be a pioneer of new trends than someone who simply copies what others have done before them.

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