10 Jobs That Aren’t Apparently Meant for Men

Businessman with hand writing picturesWhen people usually think about job discrimination, they think about discrimination against women. Given our general historical records and the fact that, for such a long time, women were not allowed to perform a whole array of jobs, study or even have a say in things, we tend to lean towards their side. But job discrimination against men is a real thing. Here are 10 jobs that aren’t apparently meant for men, but that you, as a boy or a man should definitely try if you so desire.

#1. Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist’s job includes being a make-up artist, a hair stylist or a person that removes unwanted hair. Usually, the persons who pay for these services are women, which is why the workers tend to be women as well. Just like many other jobs, being a cosmetologist is steeped in stereotypes. Most women refuse to see a male cosmetologist because they think a man might not know what he is doing, a woman is better or because it’s shameful for a man to give them a bikini wax. But ladies, if it’s ok for you to have a male gynecologist, it’s definitely ok for you to have a man wax some hairs off. Women are often surprised at how good men actually are at this.

#2. Fashion adviser

Fashion is yet another arena that has been historically associated with women. Caring about your appearance was always considered being a women’s game. However, one of the reasons why men should definitely try it is the fact that the global society is changing and gender roles are, partly, switching. Women are becoming stronger and more independent, while men are giving up on some of their traditional characteristics. Men have started to take care of themselves more, by getting manicures, plucking their eyebrows, shaving their legs and braiding their hair. The last decades have proved that some of the best designers in the world are men, so fashion is definitely a women’s game no more.

#3. Nurse

The subject of many jokes, male nurses have always been looked upon with a raised eyebrow. Somehow, people tend to think that being a male nurse has never been a first choice for that person, but rather, a mistake or something they’re doing until something better comes along. That is wrong, just like many male nurses will tell you. They spend a lot of time in school, they learn about the human body and its ailments and, via their academia time and desire to help suffering people they deserve respect.

#4. Nanny

The idea that only women can take care of children is a relic of times long ago, when men were the providers and women stayed at home and took care of the children. This particular order of doing things has become so anchored in our collective subconscious that we still believe women are better at taking care of children than men or that raising a child is quite a menial job, which women, being inferior to men, can easily do. Both those beliefs are wrong. The quality of a child’s upbringing has nothing to do with the gender of the person raising him. Take the single dads or the gay couples that are doing a wonderful job of raising children. It’s the same with being a nanny. But, luckily, things have begun to change, as more men take jobs in child care. We have even coined the term “manny” to describe them.

#5. Ballet dancer

Circling on another stereotype, when you say ballet you immediately think of girls or women dancing in tutus. No one ever thinks about the men that perform, which is one of the reasons this is considered a feminine job. The other reasons are the costumes and the dance movements themselves, which have always been thought of as inappropriate for a man. But ballet is an art and it takes a great deal of talent and years of practice, so little misconceptions about it should never constrain a young man from pursuing an academia education on this subject.

#6. Housekeeper

This particular line of work, along with being a cook (see below) is related to child care, as it stems from the same belief that, while men are out busy bringing home the bacon, women are to stay in, raise children and clean the house, which is why when we say housekeeper we immediately picture a woman. But this idea is actually a tad illogical and this is also the reason men should not be ashamed to pursue it. Most of the household chores are quite difficult and they require heavy lifting and physical work that can surpass a woman’s powers.

#7. Midwife

This one is so completely womanized that even its name has ‘wife’ in it. Just like with male gynecologists or male cosmetologists, women are reluctant in showing their private parts to strange men and that’s completely understandable. But ladies should bear in mind that this is not your average situation where you do this and these men are actually trained professionals there to help you. It will not lead to any inappropriate behavior from their part or your peers judging or ostracizing you for your choice of help.

#8. Receptionist/secretary

Most employers that need a person for this position will hire them based on the way they look, their social and organizational skills. Given the fact that these are the criteria and that it has always been believed women are more appealing and generally nicer and more helpful than men, they are the first to get hired. Slowly, this tendency became the rule and now it’s considered ‘weird’ when a man is hired as a secretary or a receptionist. But, of course, it is a known fact that men can be just as nice, sociable and helpful as women are and, apart from that, people trust receiving advice more from men than from women, so if you want a reason for applying for this job, this is it.

#9. Store manager in feminine shops

Given the fact that most of the customers in these kinds of places are women, so are the employees. However, if you’re a guy and want to apply for a job there, you should do it and pin point the added value you bring, like advice that only a man could give, especially when it comes to clothes and lingerie.

Since these stores are mainly addressed for women, getting your foot in the door will not be an easy task. Victoria’s Secret, for instance, has a more traditional application process, in the sense that they don’t allow applicants to send their CVs online. They like to assess all potential employees by meeting with them face to face. As a man, this could be a disadvantage for you, but if you’re serious about working there, make it known that a man’s head is a good addition to an all feminine department store world and that most customers will seek out your manly opinion.

#10. Cook

Continuing the list of historically feminine jobs, being a cook is here to complete the trio started with child care and housekeeping. This particular job has a funny aura around it. Although it has been proven that men are usually the better chefs, individuals that say they are cooks still get a weird look. That’s mostly because being a kitchen worker was always considered a very lowly job, as it involved peeling vegetables, killing animals and basically toiling all day over a hot stove. It definitely wasn’t fit for a man who, because of his superior qualities, could actually spend his time doing something better. However, all that has changed now and male chefs are revered and sought after all over the world.

As you can see, all of these jobs are considered not appropriate for men solely because of certain stereotypes, misconceptions or because they stem from the idea that women are inferior and deserve the most basic jobs. But none of these jobs are considered inappropriate because men couldn’t actually do them or wouldn’t be good at them so, there is absolutely no reason for you not to try your best.

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