Be Your Own Boss at a Low Entry Cost: Create Your Own Schedule with These 5 Jobs

Gallup’s recent poll indicates that 61% of Americans would prefer to be their own bosses. The poll indicates that majority of the people are interested instarting their own businesses.This might be because of reasons varying from the fact that you are tired of the ‘O’clock mentality’ to your boss or supervisor screaming down your neck every single day.

We labor so as to satisfy our necessities and ensure that we can live a comfortable life. The jobs that people do are an integral part of their lives and their jobs will naturally shape their personalities. This means if someone decides they want to become a professional, they should choose the career according to their interest, needs, and feasibility of that particular vocation. A lot of people choose to have their own businesses as a result. Being your own boss, however, comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Leaving your office 9-5 job and starting your own venture sounds exciting but that’s hardly the case. Being responsible for the success of your business is a daunting task and cannot be regarded lightly. If you were leaving your ‘normal’ job because you felt like it was too tiring, be prepared to even wake up earlier and work harder when you start doing your own thing. Here is what you need to be doing once you start a business.

• Appreciate the value of time. There will be no one to monitor you so do not waste it.

• You need to make punctuality to become second nature to you. Punctuality is an indication of being a professional. People only want to deal with professionals.

• Learn and become a master of what you do. This will give you expertise in your field. Remember, only experts are sought after.

• You need to learn how to manage your money. Some months will be fruitful while others will be dry. You need to be prepared for both financially.

The following is what you don’t do.

• You cannot afford laziness. Do not be enticed into being lazy because of the freedom. This will cost you your career.

• Refrain from offering low-quality products and doing the bare minimum when it comes to service providing so that you can save a little cash. This will doom your business.

• Do not compromise your virtues and ethics so that you can profit. Your reputation is your strongest asset.

• Do not lose hope when the business does not progress like you want it to. All great things take time to flourish.

The following are 5 jobs that will give you financial stability and freedom.

1. Real Estate Agent

Typical Pay: A real estate agent may earn between $50000 and $111000 annually depending on the target market segment and the property being sold. The agents work on a commission basis which implies that the more units you sell, the more you make in income.

Upfront Costs: To begin your business as a real estate agent, you are required to acquire a trading license which costs $350. Additionally, an annual membership fee of $200 is required by the National Association of Realtors. You also will require a cell phone, technological tools, a working internet connection, and a computer.

Requirements: You need to undergo a training program so that you are licensed. It is also advisable that you attend an accredited real estate school plus an apprenticeship so that you acquire the necessary skills.

This business, however, requires wits because it attracts a lot of fraudsters. This, therefore, requires you to go an extra step and learn more about the laws and regulations governing property handling.

2. Insurance Agent

Typical Pay: A beginner insurance agent can average an income of about $32000 while an intermediate professional can earn up to $38000. A seasoned agent makes more than $43000.

Upfront Costs: For starters, you will need an active business line, a cell phone, and an internet connection. These will be your primary tools of the trade.

Requirements: The least educational requirement that you require to become an insurance agent ais a high school diploma. But to be licensed, you are required to go through a career training program. You will also be required to renew your trading license annually.

3. Interior Designer

Typical Pay: An interior designercan earnin the average of $47000 annually. A well-earning designer can get up to $70000 while a novice can make $31000. It is not uncommon for an experienced designer to receive up to $6000 as bonuses and make $8000 from profit shares.

Upfront Costs: You will need a functional office complete with a computer with the necessary software needed for your craft. You also need to invest in your training.
Requirements: The qualifications needed vary from client to client and the location too. However, an interior designer is required to have a college degree by the Bureau of Labor Statistics before they can be licensed.

4. Event Organizer

Typical Pay: Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates show that an event planner earns about $22 per hour translating to $45800 annually. Event planners that thrive in this business majorly work with enterprises, and labor and political agencies.

Upfront Costs: This varies depending on the nature of the industry that you are involved in. However, the costs might be related to venue fees, marketing, and paying the talent.

Requirements: This industry does not have any formal education requirements. However, a combination of marketing and people skills are vital to the field.

5. Shave Ice Stand Owner

Typical Pay: A snow cone business can have daily earnings of between $100 and $2000. This is relative to factors such as location and the peak season.

Upfront Cost: You will require some capital for equipment. i.e.- the ice shaver and that of the ingredients necessary. It’s likely that in order to get a prime location you’re going to have to pay a rental fee as well. Start up costs tend to hover around $5,000- $10,000. However, since your margins are so high on shaved ice, its not unlikely to finish a summer with six figure earnings.

Requirements: You will need a trading license and health certificate. If you are planning on hiring employees you will also need to file taxes and the proper administrative documents for these employees.

To be your own boss, you need to be disciplined and dedicated to your craft. Your passion and work ethic should be unparalleled because you will have no one to blame in case of failure. Ensure that you acquire all the knowledge necessary before taking the plunge into business.

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