10 Jobs of The Future and 5 Jobs at Risk

The world is changing and the rate of that change is rapid. With the increasing development of robotics, self-drive cars and other technologies it is important to consider how the job market is going to change before it is too late and your profession is gone. Here we explore 10 jobs of the future and five jobs at risk of being taken away from human operatives.

Jobs of the Future

Job of the future #1 – Data scientist and analyst

Data is integral to all marketing and operations and the ways in which we are collecting data is constantly changing. Data analysis and data science are hugely valuable skills that will continue to be needed as technology continues to take over. You may even find yourself analysing the data from sources that have replaced the human workforce elsewhere.

Job of the future #2 – Cyber security professionals

With technologies and designs developing at such a rate the need to protect intellectual property has never been greater. Unfortunately, this also comes at the time that cyber security is most under threat. With private entities and even governments using cyber security attacks to steal secrets the role of cyber security professionals is essential. As systems become more automated, this will only increase in importance so that systems can be protected in operation.

Job of the future #3 – AI engineers

There is a developing belief that artificial intelligence is the future of robotics. This would allow robots to work far more effectively to learn and adapt to their tasks. According to sgJobs.org jobs in AI development are going to rapidly increase as we get closer to the introduction of AI into technology, making AI Engineering a secure job of the future.

Job of the future #4 – Nanotechnology engineer

Nanotechnology is the next exciting development in the growth of automation and the potential is enormous. Nanotechnology can improve everything from manufacturing to our understanding of nature itself. This area is linked to industry growth and new opportunities for development will arise as the technology develops.

Job of the future #5 – Compliance professionals

With vast changes taking place in the industry and in all aspects of modern life, there will be new laws to govern practices and the use of new technologies. To enforce these new requirements there will need to be an increase in those working to ensure the regulations are followed and technologies are implemented properly.

Job of the future #6 – Digital marketers

Marketing is one field in which robotics are unlikely to take a hold because they cannot understand human interaction as we do. Digital marketers can look forward to a future working capability as digital media continues to pervade deeper into our society.

Job of the future #7 – Urban farming

As people are becoming more aware of the impact that industrial farming is having on the planet, there is an increasing demand for naturally sourced local farming to be utilised. Those able to grow food close to urban centres will see increased demand for goods in the coming years.

Job of the future #8 – 3D printing professionals

3D printing offers a bright future in replacing much of the specialised manufacturing industry. While 3D printing may eliminate many jobs, the engineers and professionals able to operate these machines have a bright future opportunity ahead.

Job of the future #9 – VR engineers

Virtual reality is the next big thing for games, films and TV. Virtual reality engineers will be in high demand in the years to come.

Job of the future #10 – Specialised teachers

Teachers with specialised skills in new technologies will be in high demand in the years to come so that these technologies and skills can be further developed. While vocational skills may be in lower demand in the future, the technical skills needed to control robotics will be in high demand.

Jobs at Risk

Job at risk #1 – Manufacturing

Manufacturing jobs have always been changed and affected by the development of technology. Whether it was lifting equipment or conveyor belts, the use of technology in manufacturing has a history that has eliminated jobs and this is about to get worse. Manufacturing jobs are the most likely jobs to be taken over by robotics and in many cases, this is already happening. From robots that spray paint cars on the production line to fully automated packaging units, robotics will put all manufacturing jobs at risk.

Job at risk #2 – Health and social care

The increase of AI and robotics technology is approaching the point at which health and social care may be better carried out by robots than by humans. Robots can be finely tuned to a higher level than humans can achieve and this need for accuracy in operations may mean that human workers are in large part replaced by robotics. Robots can be used to identify diseases and carry out operations as well as offering palliative care. This development may put the health and social care jobs at risk in the future.

Job at risk #3 – Automotive operations

The introduction of the self-driving car, self-driving HGVs and self-driving public transport will put those working in the automotive industry at risk. HGV drivers will, for example, be replaced by driverless vehicles that can complete journeys without rest and without cost either. The automotive industry is seen as heavily under threat with over 50% of jobs on the line.

Job at risk #4 – Service industry

Jobs in the service industry are at risk from robotics. A burger-flipping robot is currently being tested that could replace human staff in large numbers in fast food chains all over the world. Large brands will seek to replace staff with technology as it will be more cost-effective and efficient.

Job at risk #5 – Retail

Retail jobs are possibly at the highest risk from the development of technologies. Retail jobs in warehouses are already being replaced by robots and drone deliveries are being tested. With the introduction of driverless vehicles, the retail industry is at great risk.

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