How to Make Sure Your Subtle Weakness is Extremely Attractive to Women

Men often think they should always behave manly and strong to become attractive to women. However, some vulnerability can also have a positive impact on initial attraction and maintenance of existing relationships. Each woman needs a man with the harmony in life: someone who is self-confident but also emotionally sensitive.

Ladies love men who are willing to take care of their needs and support them during hard times. It doesn’t mean that guys should rush to the girls at a whim or agree with everything they say. This is not what the girls want because it soon becomes boring and annoying. Instead, try to find the right kind of balance and act manly when needed or be emotionally delicate if necessary.

Why should you express weakness?

Recent surveys have shown that most men are actually more emotional than women but they just tend to hide it much better. They react intensively to heart-warming situations and express a strong feeling of empathy. However, psychology experts recently noted that most men are having a difficult time revealing their feelings to partners.

It is simply counterintuitive and doesn’t fit traditional expectations, so men keep their inner thoughts to themselves. However, this is not what women are looking for. For them, ideal partner is someone who is not afraid of expressing his vulnerability and weakness. Let’s take a deeper look into this statement.

  • Don’t feel ashamed

Genuinely confident and strong people are not ashamed of showing their vulnerable sides. They are well aware of the fact that everybody has a few weak spots – it’s a matter of common psychology. While growing up and developing our personalities, we don’t become unbreakable warriors but complex characters with many different features. Men have their strengths and weaknesses, flaws and virtues.

Therefore, you should not try to hide such characteristics but learn to appreciate it as a valuable part of your personality. Ladies know all this, too. They are ready and willing to accept you just the way you are, with all your fears and fragilities. In the eyes of a woman, it will make you look natural and more attractive.


  • Women want to take care of you

Men are not the only ones who want to feel needed. Women also like to show care and attention. When a man shows his vulnerable side, a woman gets the chance to perform her motherly nature. In fact, it is a part of women’s mentality. They are full of love and devotion and sometimes you should allow your partner to exercise such feelings.

Although most people consider men to be leaders and persons who take care of everything, relationships actually give them the opportunity to relax and let the female partner be in charge. Let the lady know that you want her to take care of you and be your emotional support.

  • Establish deeper connection

Showing vulnerability proves that the man is ready to open emotionally. It creates a deeper connection in relationships and allows you to build stronger bonds with the partner. Women love when men are mysterious and intriguing but they don’t want you to be cold-hearted all of the time. They need to see that you are ready to open up and reveal your weaker sides.

It’s the only way to make the lady fully interested. She doesn’t want to date a cold-blooded robot but the genuine person. If you show that you can be fragile occasionally, it will boost your relationship and take it to the higher level.

  • Women have different interests

Remember that all women are different, as well as men. Some girls just don’t like overconfident and self-centered guys. They can have alternative interests and affinities towards another type of guys – more subtle and delicate. Many ladies fall out of the ordinary expectations and enjoy different things, activities, and people. They appreciate the value of kind, calm, and emotionally sensitive men.

At the same time, even those girls who prefer self-confident men cannot establish closer relationships in case they are dating ego maniacs. At first, it’s okay to present yourself as a strong and powerful individual who creates his own path through life. But as soon as the initial period of pretending is over, you should reveal your weak spots and attract the girl with more than just plain courage and determination.

  • Women love gentlemen

Being a gentleman is not obsolete. Women still love when you treat them with respect and adoration. Let her be the epicenter of your focus and prove that she is in full control due to her virtues and qualities.

A real gentleman knows whether it is time to be polite or to take over control. He also knows when to express weakness and vulnerability. Girls find this interesting, exciting, and lovely. If you learn to act like a real cavalier – with all your strengths and weaknesses – you will become a lady magnet.


How to make weakness look good?

There are many occasions when you can express vulnerability and make it look good. Here are some examples of such situations:

  • Romantic movies

Men shouldn’t be scared of being emotional if they watch a romantic movie with their partners. Perhaps you enjoy watching sci-fi or adventure titles even more but sentimental films give you a perfect opportunity to express your fragile soul and win her over with emotional sensibility.

  • Do “feminine” activities with her

Men usually don’t participate in a certain type of activities. However, it won’t hurt you to take part in the so-called feminine things like cooking, gardening, or playing with kids. These are all activities that reveal your alter ego and prove that a woman can rely on you in everyday situations.

This way, you will show that you are not an alpha male who is embarrassed about actions that are not considered masculine. Women find this virtue very attractive and even sexy in some occasions, so don’t be afraid of exposing your softer side every once in a while.

  • Hang out with her friends

If a man is asked to describe the living hell, he would probably say that it’s hanging out with his girlfriend’s friends. This is extremely awkward because you know that her friends will be watching you and analyzing each move you make and word you say.

But that’s exactly the trick here. In case you behave normally and even add a few emotional remarks about your relationship, you will make the partner very happy and proud. It’s a situation that most of the girls dream of.

  • Introduce her to your friends

If there is anything scarier for a man than going out with her partner’s friends, it’s introducing her to his own companions. First of all, guys hate it when the girl interferes their leisure time. Secondly, they just don’t have the desire to meet your girlfriend. Men simply consider it boring.

However, if you really do this there is nothing left for you to prove. The girl will know that you are going to suffer eye-rolls and jokes just because you like her. You will reveal emotional weakness towards your partner without saying a single word, which is the ultimate quest that you can undertake.


You can rarely hear that women enjoy the company of emotionally sensitive men and find them ideal for good relationships. The traditional understanding of men-women relations has been suggesting that girls are vulnerable, while guys need to be strong and masculine. However, this is not exactly the truth.

Subtle weakness is extremely attractive to women in many different ways. Men should learn to keep the balance between being self-confident and strong individuals on one side and emotionally vulnerable on the other hand. This makes them look very attractive, more mature, and even stronger. Being emotional is not the weakness – it’s just another weapon in the relationship arsenal.

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