Wondershare DVD Creator: How to Burn a Movie to DVD in One Click

If you have ever made your own home movie, then you know how exciting and fulfilling it is, especially when you share it with your family and friends – even your imaginary friend is okay. The best part is when you customize the DVD such that it has your own background music and themes. You are not alone; others too have realized how exciting this is and people are embracing the art of creating home movies and sharing them with their loved ones. This applies to precious TV series, classic movies, and even home clips made from smartphones, laptops, or video cameras. One of the main reasons people burn their precious video on DVD is because it is one of the best and most reliable video formats ever invented.

What You Need to Burn DVDs

For you to make your own home movies, you need to be armed with a few items for your project to be successful. Don’t worry because it is far from being demanding or expensive. Chances are that you at least already have 80% of the things necessary. The items necessary are:

  • A DVD drive/burner. DVD drives usually come as part of a laptop or desktop computer. There is a 98% chance that your desktop computer has a DVD drive/burner. However, if it is an old model, it may just have a regular CD player. Chances are that very few people fit this classification. Even if your desktop computer came with a CD player, you can always replace it with a DVD drive/burner at very little cost. You can get one for as little as $25 or less depending on where you get one. If you have a laptop, if it is a mini laptop, it may have come without an internal DVD burner. In such a case, you can always purchase an external DVD driver/burner that connects to the laptop via USB. The external DVD drive is also compatible with your desktop computer, in case you are wondering.
  • You will need a few blank These are incredibly cheap, especially when bought in bulk.
  • Finally and most importantly, you’ll need a reliable DVD burning software. The quality of the software is essential because it determines the quality of the movie you are going to make. An excellent and reliable DVD burning software is Wondershare DVD Creator. There is both a Mac and Windows version of the software.

Making the Movie

Burning movies on DVD is easy, even a ten-year-old can do it…I think even a seven-year-old can do it. The tutorial below is based on Wondershare DVD Creator.

  • First, install the DVD burning software so that it can interact with the DVD drive/burner. Once the software is successfully installed, launch it to prepare your movie files for burning.

  • Insert a blank DVD into the tray of the DVD drive and wait for it to load (it should take a few seconds).
  • On the DVD burning software, locate and select the files you want to be included in the movie, choose a preferred DVD Menu, and customize the Movie as you see fit.

  • Preview your selections and settings to see a sample of how the movie will be like. Please note that the preview may not be 100% accurate as the final movie will come out much clearer than what you see in the preview. If you are satisfied with your settings, click ‘Burn’ and wait a few minutes for your movie to be ready. It takes roughly 15minutes for this process to complete, depending on the number of files in the movie and the capability of your hardware. That’s it!

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