WinX Video Converter: How to Convert 4K Videos for Free

These days 4K videos have become pretty common, it should come as no surprise that there is also a need to convert those 4K videos. One of the main factors driving the increase in raw 4K videos is that an increasing number of smartphones have 4K capable cameras. This was pretty much unprecedented a few years ago. But now shooting 4K videos with the camera is a very common sight.

And why wouldn’t you shoot in 4K video if your smartphone or your camera supports it? 4K offers higher resolution and crisp picture quality. The higher the better, right? Well, not always. Shooting videos in 4K brings with it a range of other problems. The first being that a lot of social media websites and applications don’t have native 4K support. That means that those videos you took on your recent trip to Italy won’t be supported on social media sites like Instagram.

Another huge problem people shooting videos in 4K face is compatibility. Some phones and camera equipment encodes 4K videos in HEVC or VP9 format, which are really great for compression. Meaning they take less amount of space on your device. But these encoding cause compatibility issues as those videos are not supported by every player or device. There is no point in shooting a 4K video if you cannot see it later.

4K videos are also known to be very large. Since they are shot at higher resolution. These files alone can be so large that it is impossible to upload them online.

So, how do you solve these problems? Well, the simplest way to get over the compatibility issues is to convert your 4K video into a more common format like a MP4 file. But the converting process can become tedious in and of itself. When looking for free 4K video converter tools online you come across many options. And since you are not an expert, you don’t know which option is the right one for your needs.

Most of the 4K video converters out there run very outdated algorithms to convert your videos, it can be a very time-consuming affair. And it doesn’t have to be. Another common risk of using unknown free converters is that a lot of the time these services don’t adhere to any privacy policy. Your data is at risk of being stored or stolen. The majority of the time free 4K video converters are outright malicious, attracting customers to download malware hidden behind a tool.

With all these uncertainties, it can be a really hard choice to choose a 4K converter that works for you. Your search for a reliable 4K video converter is now over. Introducing WinX Video Converter, a free 4K video converting tool that will meet your every need. The tool is 100% free to use, with no strings attached. And WinX is also super secure to use, you can even use it offline if you want to.

It allows you to convert your 4K movies into dozens of different formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP3, and many more. If you think your 4K videos are too large, you can resize them using WinX Video Converter to 2K, 1080p, and even 720p, etc. WinX Video Converter also has other features like being able to cut, trim, merge, add subtitles, and crop videos. Before you export the final version, you can also set the frame rate, bit rate, and the audio channel for your video.

WinX Video Converter uses GPU acceleration to make sure that your video conversions are done on time. In fact, you can even use WinX video converter to convert online 4K videos into MP4 and MP3.

When you first open WinX Video Converter, you are met with the following screen. Just simply click on the video tab on the top left corner to select the video you want to be converted to.

After you have selected your video, you will come across the following menu. Here you can select the conversion template. In my case, I want to convert my 4K video to a 1080p MP4 video. LQ means low quality and HQ means high quality. LQ takes less time to process, while the opposite is true for HQ.

Once you are done with selecting your output profile, you are taken back to the main menu. To start the conversion process simply click on the run button at the bottom right.

Congratulations, you have just converted your first 4K video.

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