MobiMover Review

One of the most wonderful things about smartphones is their ability to communicate with computers. They are like miniature computers that we walk around with. The best of them can do at least the basic things a computer can; one of them being the ability to transfer and open most of the digital files we deal with every day. MobiMover is an app that enables your smartphone to communicate with your computer and exchange files like never before. If you are ever tasked with transferring files between your mobile devices and your computer, this is the app for you. Read on for details.

The Issue

Our phones and alternative mobile devices are very personal things to us. Most people get very insecure when it comes to their phones – ask anyone in a lovey-dovey romantic relationship, as well as anyone in a parent-teenager relationship. It is not just the sensitive information we keep in our phones that we are so protective about but also other precious files like our music, videos, and official documents that we value so much.

The problem with mobile devices is their portability. The fact that they are compact such that we can carry them with us wherever we go also implies that we can leave them or lose them wherever we go. Even worse, we could lose them on the way to wherever we are going without noticing the exact point we lost them.

Furthermore, the fact that we are always carrying our smartphones and moving them from point to point implies that they are prone to falling. Sometimes the impact of the fall is so severe that it adversely affects their integrity, leaving them unreliable in terms of either staying on or safely keeping our precious and sensitive data. Having the ability to back up this data means the world to most of us.

MobiMover to the Rescue

MobiMover, like the name suggests, is an app that lets you move data between your mobile devices and your computer, as well as between mobile devices.

It is available for both Mac and Windows users. Whether you are using an Android or Apple-based product, you are covered. You can get a copy here:

You can move anything transferable from your smartphone or tablet to your computer. We are talking about contacts, photos, books, music, notes, and videos, name it. This ability also enables you to move files between smartphones. That means you can easily share files with your friends and family. And it is not a one-way street; you can also share files between your computer and mobile devices.

The incredible thing about being able to transfer data from your smartphone to your computer is the fact that this makes it possible for you to create backups of your smartphone or tablet. While we are still in the subject of backups, the app also enables you to synchronize the data you have on your computer from the smartphone, with the data already on the phone. When you add new things to your phone, the sync feature enables you to sync it with what is already on your computer, making the process easier, rather than manually confirming what is new or different.

The most useful thing about being able to transfer data between smartphones is that if you have a new phone and would like to transfer data from the old one to the new, MobiMover makes this process so easy and intuitive. You can move individual files or entire folders if you like.

MobiMover doesn’t just enable you to transfer files between devices; it also comes with a video downloader and video transcoder. For those who like streaming videos online and would want to keep some of them on their phones to watch offline or share with family and friends, the video downloader will prove to be an indispensable feature. The video transcoder complements the video downloader in that it converts videos to a format that is agreeable with your smartphone.

The Best Part

Moving files with MobiMover is a piece of cake; a walk in the park; child’s play; easy!

Step 1 – Pick your device

Step 2 – Choose what you want to transfer

Step 3 – Do It! (Transfer)

No further explanations needed because that is how easy the software is to use. If you have important files on your phone that you would like to create a backup for or if you have interesting files on your mobile device that you would like to share with family and friends, you should be thinking about MobiMover.

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