Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu Plus? Which is Better?

erfgHave you ever wondered if you are a subscriber to Internet, television, and movie streaming services, which one was better? Amazon, Netflix or Hulu? They are pretty much the three top dogs in the world and there are a few similarities and differences between the services they offer.

In this article, we are going to make a comparison between the three movie streaming services.

Hulu Plus


Hulu Plus is the upgraded subscription of the free service. Hulu Plus pretty much allows you to watch the most recent episodes of your favorite shows. With the Hulu Plus subscription, you can watch a huge database of television shows that are updated about a day or two after the air day. So you are going to watch all of your favorite shows that are recent along with the stacked up seasons that are mostly offered to everyone.

There is a quite good amount films that people enjoy, a lot of classics, and a good collection of documentaries. If you were to watch a video from the desktop or from a computer, you would click on the video and then you will get to a streaming page for the television show. Here you go to select the episodes and watch them on your regular Hulu subscription or if you have Hulu Plus you can access the premium content on the website.

The layout of the video page is pretty simple but the video player itself is full featured. It allows you select different view modes, closed captions, quality, and buffer speed.



Netflix is pretty similar to Hulu, it has a pretty nice page where you are able to view everything once you log into your account. The Netflix movies database is mainly comprised of big hit movies and also movies that are released in the past years. They also have a very good database of TV shows, now quite as big as Hulu’s but they get a lot of premiums that Hulu does not offer. Those premiums are mostly offered by HBO and Showtime.

With a Netflix premium subscription, there are no ads, so you do not have to worry about your movies getting interrupted by annoying stuff.

If you want to play a video on your desktop computer or on your laptop, the video player shows up immediately. Depending on the stream and the quality of your Internet connection, it will automatically buffer the stream quality that best fits your computer and your Internet connection speed. The Netflix video player allows you to browse the next of the upcoming episodes and also offers an option to change your keyboard or the audio.

Not offered by Hulu, Netflix still has the original DVD service they started off with for an extra price.

Amazon Prime Video


As many people already know, when you get Amazon Prime, you sign up for many other services within your package. If you are a student or able to get a promotion, then you can benefit from a subscription that comes at half of the standard price. With an Amazon subscription, you get access to music and also to a ton of other features of Amazon’s massive directory.

Amazon Prime offers a pretty mixed coverage of videos and TV shows. You might not get quite as many TV shows as Hulu and you won’t get quite as many movies as Netflix, but they are updated and you get to watch new ones every few days or every week.

If you select a video on your computer or on your laptop, you will get to a page where you are able to select your episodes you want to watch or you will be provided with the option to buy the episodes and keep them forever instead of streaming them, in either standard definition or high definition.

As an Amazon Prime user, you get access to the streaming page that features a standard video player. What’s interesting about Amazon Prime’s video player is that it offers an automatic buffer option that allows you to choose the buffering speed. You can also turn on and off the HD, closed captions, and full screen.


As you could notice, the video players of the three services look very similar but, out of all of them, Hulu has the most featured video player because it lets you lower the lights and lets you truly choose the quality so you do not have to worry about lag from your hardware or your internet speed. On the other hand, Netflix is very slick and their website works the fastest. Hulu is known for not working properly on all operating systems and all devices when it comes to browsers. As far as platforms, Hulu and Netflix work on pretty much any device, be it your computer, your phone, your tablet, your TV, your Playstation or Xbox. With Amazon – although not as diversified as its competitors – you are able to use it on devices such as Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox, and obviously, it will stream on all of your computers. As far as it concerns mobile devices, they lack apps for different mobile configurations so you may want to check if your device is compatible with Amazon Prime before you subscribe if you intend to stream on a mobile device.

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