Revolutionize Your Slideshow Presentations with Fotophire Slideshow Maker

Slideshows have become an important aspect of communication, particularly when it comes to presentations. And when I say presentations please don’t just think of a business environment as there are different atmospheres where presentations apply, like a wedding, birthday, party, or just plain old sharing of photos with friends and family. The guys at Wondershare recognized the significance of slideshows in our lives and developed an amazing application that enables you to create a professional looking slideshow in a snap. Fotophire Slideshow Maker is an amazing application for both Windows and Mac users that will revolutionize the way you make slideshows. If it sounds like something you may want to learn more about, don’t be afraid to scroll.


Create a Slideshow in 3 Simple Steps

The Fotophire Slideshow Maker enables you to create a slideshow in 3 simple steps:

  1. Add the photos and videos you want to include in your slideshow, and make any necessary adjustments
  2. Pick a theme
  3. Save your work and share it with friends on your favorite social network site.

More Templates than you’ll ever need

The Fotophire Slideshow Maker comes equipped with over 180 templates that apply to essentially any theme you’d like your slideshow to reflect. The main idea behind this slideshow maker application is to save you the time of making unnecessary tweaks and adjustments to get the perfect slideshow. It is meant to save you time. In just three simple steps, you can create professional looking slideshows that will have anyone who’ll ever see it mistake you for a professional slideshow maker. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, business, sports, or whatever other scenario, you are likely to find a template that will suit your case perfectly.


The templates are meant to save you the time of having to do everything from scratch but if you find yourself in need of a design that is not present in the templates, or if you’d like to make adjustments to the current templates, the application allows you to do so. That means you are not stuck with templates but you can have your own look and feel if that’s what you want. You can edit photos by cropping them or adding special effects to emphasize a point. You can trim videos or set the time when they will play. For further video options, consider the sister app of Fotophire, Wondershare DVD Creator that enables you do more with your slideshow. The Fotophire slideshow maker app gives you full control over how and when you want your slideshow to run. Furthermore, you can add music to your slideshows to make them livelier. Some slideshows don’t go well without some music, for instance, a wedding or party slideshow. The Fotophire slideshow maker offers you flexibility and style so that you create your slideshows quickly and professionally without breaking a sweat.

Social Networking

Once you are contented and proud of the beautiful slideshow you just created, the Fotophire Slideshow Maker gives you the opportunity to share your slideshow with your friends and family all over the world through your favorite social network site. However, always remember to save your work because you cannot share what you don’t have. In case of anything, when your work is already saved, you’ll have peace of mind.


Initially, the Fotophire Slideshow Maker was only available for Mac users but at the writing of this article, it is available for both Windows and Mac users. Therefore, whether you are a Mac or Windows User, you should have no problem whatsoever getting a version of this app that works for you.

You can download a trial version of the app from the website and give it a spin, albeit you won’t appreciate its full power because the free version doesn’t allow you to do much. The app is affordable and in case of any questions or assistance, the website has videos and tutorials to help you find your way around the application (but I don’t think you need a tutorial for this app, as it is very intuitive and user-friendly). You can also contact the Fotophire Slideshow Maker support team for any personal help.

The Fotophire Slideshow Maker is an app that is in a class of its own because very few applications exist that enable you to make a slideshow this easily. If you are a fan of slideshows or if you frequently create them, here is an app that will make the task a lot easier and fun for you.

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