Top 7 Best Video Editing Software for Windows

Video software editors are something that anyone and everyone can benefit from. There are so many video programs out there, though, that it can be hard people to find one that fits their needs. Professionals need something that can turn out a high-quality video without too much trouble and amateurs need something easy to use. Here is a list of different video editing software that fits the needs of most professionals and amateurs alike.

1. Corel VideoStudio


Known for its immense number of features, Corel VideoStudio is a great video editing software for making something full of effects and unique displays. The interface is a pretty traditional as far as video editing software goes, except for its advanced ability to search for effects and transitions. Its effects are very diverse, and give users the ability to edit many different types of videos. It lets users change the speed of video, or smooth out stop motion animations. It also lets users make multicam edits. It contains many smart features as well. Things like normalizing audio, motion tracking, and audio tracking are unique features that let amateurs create a professional result. Corel VideoStudio is perfect for those who produce a great number of diverse video clips. This feature filled software is great for anyone who wants to make something look great in a short amount of time.

2. Filmora


Filmora is one of those video editors that someone can pick up as a beginner, and use even after they’ve become an expert. Filmora is great for learning, but won’t slow down professional film producers. Its advanced visual effects include a new color tuning feature that will let users adjust colors to fit their video. It has over 300 overlaps, titles, and transitions. It also has an easy to use timeline for editing clips. It has an abundant source of audio clips, and lets users choose from its library. Users can find the perfect audio effect to suit their video. Trimming clips is very easy, as is adding and deleting effects and sounds. It makes editing easy for those just starting, without hindering professional video editors.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro


Leaning on the side of professional use rather than amateur, Adobe Premiere Pro gives users the ability to make high quality video clips that they can show case. It has a well laid out interface for quickly navigating and creating videos, and lets users work faster. It also features customizable button bar, making more room for the media, and giving users a less cluttered work environment. When trimming clips, users can use the clip trimming panel to cut and paste on the timeline, as well as move different clips to the exact position of choice. Advanced video editing techniques are in place, like multi-camera editing and color corrector. The adobe engine is built to run seamlessly fast on windows, and users don’t have to worry about being slowed by a bogged down system. The Adobe Premiere allow for fast and seamless video editing, and can accelerate users rate of great video production.

4. AVS Video Editor


It is arguably one of the simplest and easiest to use editors there are, AVS Video editor has a very short learning curve, and makes it easy for users to get a video out in moments. The interface contains three panels. The first is the asset panel. The asset panel can navigate transitions and effects as well as open projects and add clips to the current video. The effects and transitions are very easy to navigate, and even show a preview on the display panel. The next panel is the timeline. The timeline holds the footage, audio, and sound in a time relevant fashion. Users can add effects and clips to the exact position they want, as well as trim and delete unwanted effects or clips. The final panel is the actual video display panel. It holds the basic video controls, and lets the user see the result of their edits. Ideal for beginners, AVS Video Editor is a great tool for making simple videos fast.

5. Lightworks


Known for its advanced compatibility, Lightworks video editing software provides users with a unique editing experience. Its optimized to be fast, and operates on the top three major computer operating systems. Video editing features include trimming, editing, and multicam editing. The large library of effects give users the ability to customize and alter videos at will. Perhaps the most intriguing feature is their customizable interface. Designed to utilize a customized console and keyboard, the software is very customizable by the user. It allows for the creation of macros and workflows for users who are tired of repeating themselves. This advanced customizability lets users make Lightworks their own. The design allows user to work faster than ever before, and become part of the software. A great piece of software for those who want to edit videos with extreme precision and speed.5 – Sony Vegas Pro

6. Sony Vegas Pro


Highlighted by superior control, the Sony Vegas Pro provides features like no other. It can edit numerous videos file types and resolutions. The user interface may be overwhelming at first, but the immense number of customizations and control provided is unlike any other editing software. The audio editing is something that is above and beyond most video editing software. Most audio should be edited in a specialized audio editing application, but the Sony Vegas Pro can get away with quite a bit of audio editing within the video editor itself. It also includes a live audio monitoring display right next to the video display panel, so users can keep tabs on their audio as they watch footage. It includes its fair share of video effects and transitions, as well as trim and edit clips with ease in the timeline panel. This very controlled environment lets users every detail of their video to get it just right.

7. Pinnacle Studio


With its sleek and unique look, Pinnacle Studio is a simple editor that is great for making videos quickly. It features a simply interface for those who don’t want to trifle with too many buttons, and the essential panels. The first panel is navigator panel. It can find effect and transitions, as well as previewing them so the user knows how they look. The user can also add additional clips into the video easily. This is done in the timeline panel. The timeline panel displays the footage effects in a timeline like manner. Users can easily drag and drop items like effects, transitions, additional clips, or audio right into the timeline. It also has a display panel so users can see the results of their work immediately. Perhaps the best feature is the social media integration, and how users can post to social media with ease. It is simple, easy, and ideal for beginners.


A video editing software is a great tool to have, whether someone wants to make a living off it, or just uses it as a hobby. Different software is ideal for different people, some want purely professional software, while others want something a bit easier to use. Now anyone can take their pick from the top 7 windows video editing software out there, and become a video editor and producer.

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