How to Play M3U8 Files on Windows 10 with Free M3U8 Player

5KPlayer is a free M3U8, HD video player that has multiple functions such as:

  • DVD player
  • IPTV player
  • Online media streamer
  • Online and offline music player
  • Video downloader
  • …and more!

Featuring hardware acceleration, 5KPlayer can run 8K videos on either MAC or Windows platforms, without noise. Shuttering and flickering are close to inexistent due to its unique features. The software follows DLNA Alliance standards. It means the video quality is UHD and no compression is used when either sharing or streaming media files.

5KPlayer is an online streamer. You can stream content from YouTube and other major sites up to 8K resolution. DVD and Blueray movies are no longer a headache. 5KPlayer does its best to serve the best quality and smoothness of your watching experience.

5KPlayer allows IPTV streaming. Watching your favorite TV stations online in ultra high definition has never been easier!

Main Features

  • Greatly built user interface
  • Play 4K/8K/HEVC 360° videos, DVD quality, IPTV streaming, AAC, MP3, M3U, APE & FLAC files.
  • Hardware acceleration – GPU accelerated, powered by NVIDIA, Intel, DXVA, and AMD.
  • Besides, it can also play UHD video (incl. 360-degree), music, DVD, live radio, etc.
  • Cut video, and simply edit the cut video: rotate, change playback speed, color balance, audio, etc.
  • AirPlay stream video/music to PC/Mac. Mirror iPhone iPad iPod screen to Windows/Mac. Record iPhone iPad screen while mirroring.
  • Download video music, to MP3, download subtitles with video, batch download, resume from the breakpoint, download playlist, etc.
  • Media Library Features
  • Built-in Radio Player

How to Play M3U8 Videos/Live Streaming Playlist via 5KPlayer?

How to Play M3U8 files on Windows 10 with 5KPlayer

1. Download 5KPlayer

Go to the official page and download the Free M3U8 Player, then launch it on your Windows 10 computer.

2. Play the M3U8 files in 5KPlayer by one of the 2 methods

  • M3U8 playlist streaming. In order to do this, on the main user interface of the software go to “LIVE” and then copy-paste the M3U8 URL of the playlist. Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the type of computer you have, the streaming should begin in a couple of seconds.

  • M3U8 playlist download. To access the playlist download window, click on the YouTube button on the main interface, then copy-paste the URL of the playlist into the field and click Download. After it has been downloaded, the content of the playlist will be available in the video list. From here, you can choose what video to play and it should start right away. For downloaded .m3u8 files, you can just drag and drop to 5KPlayer’s UI. After a few seconds, it will play automatically.

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