Quickest Way to Download TV Series in Playlist

These days, watching television shows are no longer limited to only on TV. There are now several internet sources through which we can enjoy our favorite TV series. From Netflix, Hulu, to YouTube, and many more, there are just so many options to enjoy our shows on the go!

However, watching television series over the internet can sometimes be really frustrating because the buffer speed can sometimes get low and cause us to wait unnecessarily. Watching TV series over the internet can also burn lots of internet data. But you can prevent all of this from happening by downloading your television series via a YouTube playlist downloader. In this article, you will be seeing one of the best YouTube downloaders out there and you will also learn why it the quickest method of downloading TV series without any hassles.

Why Do People Enjoy Downloading TV Series?

Do you also wonder why you love downloading TV series so much? Anyway, you are not alone in that. Many of us enjoy watching our favorite TV series offline without the interference of the internet network in any way. But that is not the only reason people love to download TV series. There are more reasons for that:

  • It’s easy to download video with just a click

Downloading videos from the internet often require that you have a downloader that will help you arrange the video in a similar playlist. No one wants to waste any precious time waiting or signing up to one third party application or the other before downloading a video. We all love to have our videos start downloading with just a click of a button. In case you have a long list of TV series, you will love to download and you will like them all properly arranged and well-managed in your playlist to make it easy to download with just one click, you will need a YouTube playlist downloader to do the job for you.

  • When they have a plugin that supports their browser

Nothing beats having a plug-in that supports your browser when looking to download a TV series. It takes a lot of hassles off your head and makes downloading super easy and fast. If you are have been looking for a way to enjoy downloading your favorite TV series, then it’s time you consider getting a plugin that supports your browser. A good place to start is to get a YouTube playlist downloader. That way, you can enjoy an exceptionally convenient downloading.

  • Great flexibility with online downloaders

Online downloader has made many people fall in love with downloading their TV series because of the ultimate flexibility it offers. Using an online downloader allows you to choose the place you want to save your video, and also choose at what resolution you will like the video to be downloaded. You can download videos in different video and audio formats by only pasting the video URL in the search bar. That way, it becomes very easy to enjoy your favorite video in any format of your choice.

Do you also enjoy a series and will like to share with your friend? An online downloader makes that very easy. You can share the links of your TV series with your friends and family through various social media platforms.

3 Best Ways to Download TV Series

#1: iTube

I mentioned this first because it is presently the best downloader when you are looking to download your TV series from your desktop computer. It allows you to save any video of your choice from your YouTube playlist. There is a reason it is regarded as the best YouTube playlist downloader. It comes with a very easy to use interface so you don’t need any special training or tutorial before you can download your videos. iTube also allows you to optimize and convert your downloaded videos to any format that suits you best. In just three simple steps, you can download your TV series with iTube Video Downloader.

  • Install the software on your computer
  • Open YouTube or any site you want to download your series from
  • Click on the video and click on the “Download” button at the bottom of the video. And iTube will start downloading the video automatically

You can also enjoy a great discount now on iTube video downloader during the 2019 Aimersoft Xmas Sale. The offer allows you enjoy up to 40% off on the software. That means you can get your own iTube HD Video Downloader for as low as $17.40 instead of the $29.0 it used to be. However, you will need to hurry now to claim this offer as it ends on Dec. 31st, 2019.

#2: YouTube playlist extension

In case you are using the Chrome browser, then watching your TV series with the browser plugin is nothing but a piece of cake. Chrome YouTube playlist extension allows you to watch and download any video of your choice in high resolution from YouTube and any other sites.

#3: Videograbby

Videograbby is an online downloading option to download YouTube playlist. It is a free video downloader that offers lots of intriguing features that help you enjoy world-class entertainment. Videograbby is not only limited to YouTube, it can also be used with lots of other websites over the internet, including Soundcloud. It is also very easy to use. All you need to do is to paste the URL of the video on the search and wait for Videograbby to do its magic and fetch the video for you, ready to download.


While using Chrome YouTube playlist extension and Videograbby are great options for downloading your TV series, the actual flexibility and ease of being able to seamlessly process a playlist all at the same time is unique to iTube HD Video Downloader. There is a reason it is regarded as the best YouTube playlist downloader. This means if you are looking to download a complete playlist of your favorite TV series with absolute control over the format, quality, audio, etc, you will need to choose no other downloader than iTube Video Downloader. You can also rush now to benefit from the Aimersoft Black Friday deal and enjoys a tremendous discount on iTube downloader. You can check out their website for more details about the software or the Black Friday deal.

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