Spying Apps – a Method to Circumvent WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption

spyWhatever you hear in this time and age is either entirely explicable or a labyrinth that you can never tread through—there is no in between. People don’t strive to know the truth because the easiest way around is to be socially neglectful—keeping yourself on the verge of a possible annihilation, but still living with it. Be it the autonomous driving kit on your (future) car or the encryption on your mobile devices, nothing is foolproof. Some of us have probably acquiesced to this reality, but there are naysayers too, who believe that perfect systems and tools exist. They are the capitalists of this contemporary world who want us to believe in their fallacious products and services as if they are the best ones out there.

Is our data really safe?

What we are trying to pose is not an allegation. Encryption is one of the biggest myths of this time and age. Though, the technology itself is not easily crackable, apparently, but the linking technologies, like channels through which these cryptographic keys are exchanged, and the hardware that’s used for the purpose is with much of their own loopholes.

Have you ever wondered how NSA has been able to decrypt so many SSH, HTTPS and VPN connections? A recent paper has talked about how NSA uses untrusted channels to decrypt large numbers of connections. Do you know that FBI finally got into the San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone? Well, they did eventually by hiring professional hackers. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive public hacking jobs yet.

There is another backdoor

You may be thinking right now that “paying millions like, FBI did to get the job done, isn’t something that individuals can afford”. Or even this: “not everyone can have the resources like NSA does. But what if we tell you that there is another backdoor that’s cheap and accessible to anyone. It doesn’t require decryption, nor millions of dollars or expertise. It’s your electronic devices. And spying on someone is now as easy as downloading an app.

You must have heard about spyware before. These are the apps that can be installed on the compatible devices to spy remotely on the user data. Then, there are WhatsApp spying apps that particularly target WhatsApp.

More on WhatsApp spying apps

If you haven’t used a spyware before, there are a few things that you need to know. First, the US government has allowed for the use of these apps for parental and employee monitoring, so it’s not illegal to use them. Second, to legally spy on someone, you need to be the owner of that target device you want to spy on. Third, you need to take the target person’s consent before spying on them.

These apps have been in the limelight for their extensive role in monitoring employees and parenting kids. There are tons of benefits for people to use these apps for monitoring purposes, but using it as a backdoor to secretly spy on someone doesn’t make any legal sense.

WhatsApp spying apps—What are they up to?

These apps have a lot of potential to enhance the digital safety of our workplaces. In fact, employers use spying apps time and again to monitor their staff. These are a few benefits of using them at your workplace.

Employee monitoring benefits

  • Mangers can track how much time their employees have spent with their cell phones on a particular day.
  • By spying on social media and other collaboration tools in a workplace, office harassing and abuse could be reduced.
  • Certain apps provide actuarial report for the month’s cell phone usage.
  • These apps can ensure that company-provided smartphones and tablets aren’t used for non-work purposes.
  • Employee’s productivity and motivation levels could be determined by monitoring their cell phones.
  • It’s can also serve as a great tool for employee feedback.

Parental monitoring benefits

When used as parental controls they certainly stand out from the inbuilt parental controls. You can use these apps to determine the real-time location of your kids. Also, these apps can track social media from almost every famous app which is necessary for keeping tabs on kids’ digital lives these days.

Some of these apps include:

  1. XNSPY


Xnspy is a parental monitoring app known for its affordable subscriptions and user-friendly interface. Parents can easily try this app on their kids’ Android and iOS devices. It has a GPS tracker with realtime location tracking and geofencing. The app also has an app blocker and can remotely send commands for device locking and data wiping.

  1. Teensafe

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 00.01.21

The app is certainly a great kids monitoring app. It has many useful features like app blocking and GPS tracking. Parents love using this app because it simple and effective.

  1. Friend Locator

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 00.03.06

If you aren’t up for some stringent monitoring, try this free app on Google Play Store. It can tell you where your kids have been. It’s not one of the most accurate apps, but it’s free! All you need is to download this app on your kids’ cell phones or tablets.

What’s the future of our privacy?

The future is oblivious, and so is our privacy; spying apps don’t just make things easier for us, especially for the ones who are using them. But their potential as parental and employee monitoring tools can’t be undermined. If you are going to try them, make sure you follow the aforementioned terms and conditions.

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