Top Four Apps to Spy on Android Phones

Spying software apps for the cell phone can help keep track of your teen, partner, spouse, or employee. You can view their activities in secret with spy apps that cannot be detected on their Android devices. I will be talking to you about three applications to use to spy on Android phones called mSpy, Spyzie, FlexiSpy, and SpyBubble that work great on Android smartphones. These apps will allow you to spy on SMS, instant messaging texts, WhatsApp chats, Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, GPS location, Internet browsing, call logs, and much more.


What are the most important features of a spyware app on a phone?

Call Log Tracking

Call log tracking is one of the most important features of a spyware app on an Android phone because it will let you know who is calling the target phone. You will be able to see the contact name, phone number, duration of the call, whether it’s incoming or outgoing. Once you know who is calling your child, husband, or employee you will be able to better deal with the issue at hand.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking is another key feature you must look for because it will allow you to know the location of the target phone and you can easily tell whether your child is hanging out with the wrong crowd, your husband is cheating on you, or your employee is not working at the proper place they are supposed to be. This feature will help keep your family and business safe.

Text Messaging Tracking

Being able to track text messaging is key. Often times text is used to communicate. By tracking the texting on the phone you will be able to learn plenty about what is going on with your target phone. You can learn who your child, husband, or employee is communicating with.

Tracking WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, SnapChat, Skype, and Tinder

Tracking WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, SnapChat, Skype, and Tinder is key because it will allow you to see who your child, husband or employee is communicating with in the event they try to circumvent the conventional methods of communicating. Also, these apps like Facebook and Tinder may leave your child bullied so you need to make sure you are following their social networking communication in the event they encounter any issues on social networking.

The top four apps: An overview



The mSpy app is one of the top mobile apps to use to spy on Android phones that offers features that include the tracking of Facebook chats, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp texts, SMS, GPS location, and Snapchat history.
mSpy tracker is very user-friendly so it is a very popular app. The drawback with mSpy is that it is on the expensive side of spy apps, but it is the best. mSpy can be relied upon to help reveal the secrets of your children, spouses, and employees.



Spyzie is a great tool to use to spy Android phones because it allows you to track your family or business employees. With this app, you can follow along what goes on the target phone from your phone or the website dashboard. You have two apps to install. One app goes on the target phone you are going to monitor and the other is an app that will go on your phone that will track your target phone. If you do not wish to install the app on your phone you can go on your computer’s dashboard and view the target’s phone information.



FlexiSpy tracker allows you to have full access to Android or iPhone, which makes it a great app to use to spy on Android phones. You will be able to spy on everything and not miss a thing. This spyware has all the features that you need to spy on the target phone and you will be receiving all of the information through a control panel that is given to you by FlexiSpy. With FlexiSpy you will be able to find out if your spouse is cheating or your child is misbehaving.



This Android phone spy app can track the activity that is taking place on the Android device. It does not have many features, but most of the features you will need is in the package. SpyBubble’s packages are priced lower, but the spying results are still good. This app can help you with your tracking needs.

Features of the top spying apps


Oftentimes, smartphones have been misused by children, spouses, and employees. mSpy will be able to help you keep track of their phones and it will not be detectable.

Keylogger is a feature that is available on mSpy that can help you get all of the things the target user has typed on the cell phone such as messages, login details like passwords and emails. Keyword alerts is another new feature for mSpy that you will like. This feature allows you to see keywords and phrases that are typed by the target user on their smartphone’s web browser, text messages, emails, and instant messenger. If they are typing in bad words, you will be notified instantly.

Google Hangouts feature on mSpy allows you to track all of their Google Hangout messages, photos, stickers, GIFs, emojis, maps, contact lists with the names and photos. You will also be able to view messages that have been deleted so you will be able to stay informed on Google Hangouts. There is also a new Tinder Tracker on mSpy. With this application, you can track Tinder, the dating app.


Spyzie allows you to track the call history by installing an app on the Android phone. The call logs are then shown in chronological order with the contact name, phone number, time the call was made, the length of the call, and whether the call was incoming or outgoing. With this app you can quickly analyze the call logs.

Spyzie is very easy to use. First, you must create an account on or you can download the Spyzie app on your phone from the App Store or the Play Store. After you have created the account you can use it on the desktop or within the app. Afterward, you must enter the target phone information after you have logged into the account in order to complete the Spyzie Wizard set up.

You must then follow the steps that guide you on how to spy on Android. After you have finished all, you can see the data that is being monitored on the Spyzie dashboard. You can see the call logs and click on the calls to see more information about the calls.

Spyzie is priced very competitively. A one-month subscription is only $9.99. A three-month subscription is only $19.99. A one-year subscription is only $59.99.

Spyzie also offers excellent technical support in the event you run into any issues. You can live chat or email technical support. All you need to do is visit the Contact Us page to get more information.

When you pay Spyzie you can pay using a credit card or Paypal. In the event you are not satisfied with Spyzie, you can get a full refund within seven days. There is no risk with trying out Spyzie.

Your child, spouse, or employee will not be able to tell that you are following their every move on their phone so you will not have to worry. If you have any hesitations about tracking their phones think about their safety and your safety. You will see that tracking their phone is worth it and has more advantages than disadvantages.


FlexiSpy has an excellent call recording feature, as well as call intercepting, and recording noises besides voice through the built-in microphone of the phone. FlexiSpy has over 20 spy features that will help you track your family member’s or employee’s phone. With FlexiSpy you will be able to track GPS location. You will be able to view the location history on the map and be able to track the location of the phone in real time.

FlexiSpy also has keyword notifications. This feature allows you to track when certain words are used. You can have the results sent to your phone as an email or text. This is a great tool when monitoring for words related to drugs and profanity. You also have a manage application feature which allows you to uninstall, block, or stop apps from running on certain devices. If you would like to upgrade and update remotely you can do so. You don’t need the device on hand to make modifications. This will allow your target phone to be up to date and have the latest features.

FlexiSpy has an extreme version. This allows you to live call intercept, call record, and record background noise using the phone’s built in microphone. FlexiSpy is based out of United States so there are no legal issues that it is battling, unlike StealthGenie.


SpyBubble cell phone is a spy software that includes many features you will need to track a phone. These features include call spying, logging of SMS, email, messenger text, and photo logging. You will also be able to track internet activity, view the phone’s contacts list, and track the calendar.

SpyBubble has the ability to also read WhatsApp, iMessage, and BBM. This is a great feature because your child, spouse, or employee might try to go through a different route of messaging aside from text and email. With SpyBubble you can also get SPyBubble Pro, which has many more advantages such as lower price and live call interception.

SpyBubble is also very compatible with many devices. You can listen to ambient noise and record the background. You can also change settings remotely. You can also do text message redirection. The price of SpyBubble is only $49.95 for 12 months for the basic subscription and $89 for the Pro version.

mSpy, FlexiSpy, and SpyBubble have many advantages. I highly suggest using one of them if you would like to spy on an Android phone. They are all very useful. They also have low prices.


mSpy, FlexiSpy, SpyBubble, and Spyzie are the best apps for you to use to spy on your family and employees. Try one of them out. You will be very happy with the results.

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