Best DJ Apps for Samsung Devices

DJ apps are the ones that do most of the work for you. Sure, it makes the tunes sound generic and very similar to things you have heard 100 times before…but what’s new? In most cases, the more fine-tuning options a person is given, the more chance they have to mess it all up. Here are some of the best DJ apps for Samsung devices that range from the simplest, to the most complex and comprehensive.

Cross DJ

Cross DJ

This app allows you to mix songs by numbers, which makes for some very accurate music mixing. You can use features such as the BPM detection system to help you mix music that sounds more professional. It can even synchronize tracks and push them into phase.

It has a manual and progressive pitch bend, and only costs 99 cents to buy. It has very accurate beat grid editing, has loops and cues that are automatically set to the beat, and it has a parallel waveform mode that you can use to check synced tracks. The auto mix functions take almost all of the efforts out of your hands.

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The interface of this app is very easily to use, and there is a level of simplicity about it – that makes it difficult to create bad music mixes.

Load up two tracks and let the software do all the work for you. If you want it, you have to get it free when you buy certain Samsung devices or software, or you can purchase it as an app for just $1.07. The app doesn’t have stutter or lag, it is responsive and fast, and it finds and alters your tracks (mixes them) very efficiently.

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DJ Mix Pads

DJ Mix Pads

This is a free app that is aimed more at the younger market, but the reason it has become popular with older people (teens upwards) is because it is free, and secondly – because it has a synthesizer keyboard function.

You are supposed to use it to add to the music you make. You are supposed to add a new edge to the music you mix, but it is mostly just fun to play with. The app is simple and easy to use so that people that know nothing about DJ mixing will be able to use it. The user interface is user-friendly and the app has some great sound effects.

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DJ Studio 5


This is a good app for Android users that want a DJ application for their handsets. You can buy further upgrades and make in-app purchases whilst you use the software, but it is not intrusive. For example, there are no pop-ups, banners or full-screen adverts.

If you want the full version of the app, it will cost you $2.49. You can play with the disk physics and scratch engine to mix up your music a little more aggressively. It can be used in portrait and landscape mode, it is provided with ten pads that you can customize, it has beat-based loops for you to play with, and there is a built-in recording function that allows you to add in sounds and mix your music more effectively.

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Dj Party Mixer


This sexy app is going to cost you $3.99 to buy. You can play two tracks at the same time and mix them. The application makes cross fading and mixing a walk in the park. It will even allow you to change the tempo and the pitch of each of your mixed tracks.

The auto DJ function is good if you want the app to do the work whilst you kick back and listen to the tunes. Not only does it allow you to mine your music library for songs, it allows you to explore your entire phone to look for music files. This means that you can use the sounds and music files used by your phone’s systems. For example, you can set your SMS message tone to a number of different sounds and songs, and you can now use those same sounds and songs in the music track you are mixing.

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