Top 5 Education Apps for Windows 10

Learning something new every day is part of the human spirit. Why not learn something new today?

Windows 10 welcomes users with a plethora of education apps to help inspire and capture your imagination. You can find all those tools in the Windows store. Of course, these active directory solutions are useful educational purposes, however, in another way.
You can explore the sky and the universe without even stepping outside, you can learn about the human body and explore it from inside as you were a micro-organism able to wander inside the body’s tissues, or you can just paint a masterpiece without even using the tools physically. You can also train your mind and become more intelligent, you can solve complex mathematical calculations and look for solutions. Ok, folks, much cry and little wool 🙂

Let’s see the top 5 education apps for Windows 10.

Star chart

star chart

A cool app that allows you to discover the universe and get more information about stars. The app also enables you to enjoy tours of planets and explore the universe in greater details. Based on a simple design, the amount of information offered by this app is just amazing. Give it a try and you won’t regret!

Systems of human body

Systems of human body

An intuitive app built to help you better understand how the human body is working and how our internal organs, bones, and tissues are functioning. Almost all important aspects are covered: the digestive system, the circulatory system, the skeletal system and more.

Paint sparkles draw

Paint sparkles draw

A painting app proposing a broad range of tools such as brushes and coloring tools. The app is merely intended for kids looking to satisfy their painting fantasies and unleash their creative imagination. The app is free.

Math games

math games for children

Your brain is very important, as important as keeping it in a good “shape”. “Math games” is a simple and nice app. You are supposed to make operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The more accurate you are in getting the correct result, the more complex the problems that follow. This application is perfect for children who want to learn the basics of mathematics.



An app entirely for kids. The purpose of this app is to help them learning the basics of mathematics and provides engaging games as a way of learning.

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