The Top Logo Trends of 2017

fghgfAlthough some larger corporate logos remain familiar over a long period of time, the majority of logos find themselves short-lived due to the never ending trends in the design industry. If you are looking for a savvy new logo or are in the business of designing logos and emblems, the experts at Outré Creative have created an infographic which brings you the nine hottest logo trends of 2017. Check it out to discover how to get the best out of your attractive new logo and start building your brands awareness straight away. It’s time to put yourself one step ahead of competitors.

When it comes to logo design, there are a variety of paths that you can take in order to achieve an eye-catching result with excellent results. One of the hottest logo trends of 2017 is the unique idea of ‘broken letters’. Broken letters increase the dynamic impact and can make a simple logo stand apart from competitors without being too distracting. Take a look at Open View Partners’ corporate emblem to see this in action.

Following on with the idea of simplification, industry observers have encouraged large brands to tidy up their logos – having cleaner lines and simpler graphics is appearing to be the popular route to head down when designing logos. Take a look at the infographic for examples of this taking place in the industry.

Not only does this infographic explore conventional ideas; it also brings a diverse range of eccentric approaches that you can take for inspiration. Lifestyle brand Risca Faca stepped in to the deep end with their logo, cropping the top and bottom of the letters and certainly proving that less is more. If this design isn’t for you, maybe take a more rustic approach and express your brand through photographic textures. This has been used in the Valdeuvas logo and will certainly express a more vintage feel to your brand.

Just like the majority of trends, new ones accompany the comeback of old ones which were once seen as ‘outdated’. A prime example of this is hand drawn logos. Designers are beginning to re-discover the intimate and expressive outcome that they can create from using their very own hands. Digital technology may be dominating this day and age, but it is important not to stray from where it all began as hand-drawn images can convey a feeling greater than alternative options can.

Of course, there will always be trends that remain in the spotlight for years and years to come. However, there is a reason as to why they are so successful. The secret? Evolution. Take geometry for example. 2017 has seen the long running geometry trend develop and reach its full potential more than ever before. With such a range of colours, shapes, fonts and layers to play around with, it really is no surprise to see the amazing outcomes. Have a quick look at the Street Kitchen logo if you are interested in taking a trip down the geometry route.

For more in-depth examples and views on the hottest logo trends of 2017, be sure to check out the infographic below.

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