Flooring Evolution: Flooring Trends of 2017

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Maybe you have plans to get a new place or completely redo your current home—so why not take a look at the hardwood flooring and tile trends for 2017 now? While many people are hesitant to follow trends, which is totally fair, it’s always useful to be aware of what the emerging home trends are to avoid choosing out-dated styles and finishes.

First, we’ll recap some trends of this year. Dark shades of hardwood flooring, such as espresso and ebony, were forecasted to be one of the top flooring trends. Even though it’s the polar opposite, white and grey flooring was also a big trend for hardwood floors. It’s safe to say that these shades will still remain in for 2017, but there are also a few new trends to keep an eye on. Take a look at just a few of them below.

The Shade in Between: Blonde Hardwood Flooring is in


As mentioned earlier, dark and light floors will remain popular in 2017. What about the shades in between? Well, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Blonde wood is gaining popularity among homeowners and designers. This golden shade is really a happy medium between strikingly dark shades and pristine light shades. Blonde hardwood flooring can easily brighten up any room, such as the bedroom or living room.

Ceramic Tiles will be in High Demand for its Versatility


Ceramic tile distributors will be keeping busy in the New Year, especially considering that there have been huge and innovative strives in the way they are now manufactured. With improved digital inkjet technology, ceramic tiles have the capability of looking like anything but. They’re able to mimic the look of popular and oftentimes expensive materials, such as natural stone and wood. These “look-alike” tiles have been around for quite some time, but it’s the improved designs and flawless mirroring in ceramic tiles that is sure to be noticed in 2017.

Adding Luxurious Touches with Marble-Look Tiles


Marble has always been a favourite for its elegant, rich and classic appearance. While it’s beautiful, it’s not always the most budget-friendly option for homeowners. It can also be quite challenging to maintain and clean. Now, you can floor your bathrooms or hallways with marble-look tiles without dealing with the hassles of maintaining real marble since ceramic tile is highly durable. These tiles will also be friendlier on your wallet, too.

Incorporating Cement-Look Tiles in the Home


Those who love the look and style of lofts might get excited about this trend. Homeowners can inject some elements of a loft into their house with cement-look tiles. It will add an industrial look into the home, which is a style that works for some folks but not all. This trend will probably stay popular for a few years, especially for homeowners who want to add an unusual touch.

Rustic and Unique Hardwood Floor Textures


It’s not only colour that makes wood floors attractive, texture matters too. The rustic, cottage look for wood flooring is in style now, and will stay that way for time to come. Hand-scraped and wire-brushed hardwood floors are some examples of wood floors that have that natural and unique appearance that many homeowners want right now. They have (intentional) scrapes and scratches that just ooze character. They’re perfect for anyone who wants an aged and natural appearance for their floors.

Creating an Illusion of Big Rooms with Wide Plank Wood Floors


You’ve probably seen them a lot already this year. Wide plank wood floors aren’t going anywhere in 2017. Not only do large planks create the illusion of a larger room, they also make the home look expensive and contemporary. You can already find very wide wood planks at hardwood stores, but expect to see even larger planks in 2017.

Making Use of Old Materials with Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed furniture is already hot, and it’s going to be the same case with reclaimed wooden floors. Homeowners who are environmentally conscious and have a penchant for rustic styles gravitate to reclaimed wooden floors. Reclaimed wood offers a distinct appearance, as well as a story to go with it. This is usually a pricy option, and it will only be more tricky to find as it continues to take off in popularity.

While some of these floor trends may only last for a handful of years, others are likely to remain as go-to staples. Now it’s up to you to choose what works for your style and needs.

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