Top Design Trends of Website Creation

Awareness of the latest web design trends is a must when it comes to creating websites. This is because a well-designed website should be the sample of modern ideas and their representation. In order to attract the attention of potential users, a website should feature all the characteristics and techniques that are in demand on the date of its creation. So, if you are right about to create a new website to establish your online presence, you should know what design trends of website creation should be considered these days. This is what we are going to talk about below.

Speaking about trendy web design ideas that are going to dominate this year, it makes sense to point out the following.

1. Card-Style Interface Designs


The increasing popularity of card-style interface designs makes it possible to assume that this trend will be extensively used by web-designers around the world. It is reasonable to represent the idea in all kinds of products – from web-based applications and up to printed products. Everyone likes cards and implementing them into the design of your website is a great way to attract clients. A card-style interface is a kind of entertaining tool for users, who want their websites to stand out in the crowd.

2. Movie-Style Presentations

2 movie-style presentation

The advancement of the Internet technologies has made it possible to offer users movie-style presentations. It is really engaging to browse through a website, which represents high definition elements and images that help create the online movie experience most people have not faced before. Websites created with the integration of movie-style techniques always differ from lots of other resources available on the web these days and can give you the chance to create an outstanding website design, which will become a real “masterpiece”. By the way, this idea is not widely implemented yet, so it makes sense to give it a try!

3. New Color Theory Interpretations

3 image theory

You may be surprised to find out that a website should not contain too many colors to attract the attention of the target audience. The more colors you use, the worse the perception of the site may become. The fact is that it is a real “art” to be capable of representing colors in a harmonious and effective manner in order to improve the user experience. According to the prognoses of the web design experts, implementation of color schemes in the projects is going to change, giving place to more restrained color combinations. The priority will be given to the combination of two or three colors and their shades, which is more than enough to create a user-friendly interface that will encourage people to keep browsing through the resource.

4. Material Web Design Prevalence

4 webdes

Material web design ideas that have recently been introduced by Google in the development of their Android apps, is going to gain popularity this year. This trend is based on the combination of principles of the popular classic design and those of innovative technical achievements. The design is easy to recognize due to the set of characteristics that include minimalistic features, bright color schemes and combinations, implementation of shadows and lighting, grid-based website layouts, responsive transitions and images as well as padding techniques. Does this sound close to impossible? Well, maybe, but you will really be surprised to find out that the best website builders have already started using these and other modern web design ideas in the development of their templates.

5. Minimalistic Animations

5 minimal animation

Animations have always been the focal point of the prevailing amount of web design trends. They can be large and small, bright and dull, cute and tremendous, but their presence has already become a must in the web design niche. The only distinction between the animations is that this year they are going to diminish in size. This, however, will not affect their popularity in a negative way, because animated elements of interfaces are among the best tools to drive the attention of users and keep them encouraged to visit the site again and again.

6. Sketch Designs


Websites designed using images and sketches always look unique and entertaining. Sketch designs are a perfect choice for all kinds of websites, be it an entertaining, business, child-oriented or other resource. The best advantage of the trend is that all images and sketches look hand-created, which gives the site a personal touch and makes users feel special.

7. Slide Implementation

7 slide

Implementation of slides has marked the new era in the web design development. It all started with the usage of moving sliders, the mission of which was to represent content in the most favorable light. Now, however, the trend is going to become more advanced, with full-screen slideshows that are used to provide more content, which is more visually appealing and attention grabbing. Experts are sure that this approach will change the whole website perception, making the users get the most out of their web design experience.

Will these trends become popular this year or, maybe, they will fade away in less than no time? When it comes to web design, predictions do not make any sense. So, we just have to wait for a while and watch the result!


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