Six Effective Minimalistic Logos that Will Be Your Inspiration

Logo design process is tough, rough and, finally, rewarding. What do you pay attention to when you first think of your future logo? Color, text font, visual concept? Actually, first you need to think of is what your logo is going to look like in general and which trend in logo design you want to follow. This is a fruitful soil your future logo will grow from. Among vintage, geometry and different patterns there is one safe option: minimalism. As one separate arts concept it appeared in 1960s in America, inspired by Anne Truitt, Donald Judd and Frank Stella. Its nickname is ABC-art because it seems to be as easy as ABC. However, it’s the biggest mislead on Minimalism you may have. It appreciates space and complements its power. At the same time, it’s really difficult to create something small in a large space that would look harmonious and well-balanced. All your attention will be devoted to this tiny image in its endless space that’s why you have to be extremely careful on what to place on this vast space in order to get your customers interested in you.

Flat and responsive web design has provoked the appearance of minimalism. Web sites become more compact, unnecessary details fade away and color palette gets simplified. The increase of content’s quantity and quality leads to a necessity to simplify the form. We’ve prepared some striking minimalistic logos that may be effective in inspiring for your own minimalistic logo design. Keep in mind that minimalism isn’t a one-day trend. It’s thriving now and it will be prosperous in the future as well. That’s why, if you choose minimalism, you can be sure it will be able to survive any fashion changes and will always be in trend.


Storybook Homes

An American company that deals with house flipping business has recently decided to hold a rebranding in order to overcome its competitors. The new logo was supposed to be clean, minimalistic and a bit feminine and had to reveal the story hidden behind it. In order to get a perfect logo designed, the company started a contest on This independent web design platform was chosen for its ability to facilitate a communication between a client and designers and a wide range of logo design options afterwards. The idea of this platform is quite simple: Storybook Homes launched a contest to design a productive logo, gave a brief information on what the company expected to get at the end and set $275 prize for its future winner. At the end, the company got plenty of offers on how the future logo was supposed to look like and picked one winner. The most surprising part was that the process of logo designing took just a week. Even done so quickly, the company was charged precisely $275 for the logo (as you know, this process mostly takes much more time and costs much more money). What is more, among all the designers competing from different countries the winner was a freelance designer from Indonesia.



A women’s television network Kvindekanalen TLC has been inclined to make its logo minimalistic and bright at the same time. The marigold color chosen by its web designers as the logo’s background was decided to be implemented into the company’s logo concept. That’s why a beautiful butterfly with the wings that consist of women’s faces is stunning for the company’s logo. Even without any text underneath that could specify what the company actually does the logo is surprisingly clear to understand: women gossip, women talk and women enjoy their lives.



The company came up with a genius idea: it combined a shovel with green leaves and got a perfect logo as a result. Green and black symbolize leafage and a fruitful soil. Which is why the logo represents the company’s concept in a great way: it emphasized it’s keen on nature and is environmentally friendly, let alone being trendy because of its minimalistic design.



Another great minimalistic logo design was presented by TeaHouse. The company chose navy blue as the logo’s background: the color that reflects nobility, royalty and sophistication. Such color choice was an accurate decision that is explained by the fact that tea (especially in Great Britain) is sort of a royal ceremony that can show your refined manners and makes you closer to the nobility. No wonder that one more meal called 5 o’clock tea came from the UK. Except for this calm and attractive color, the logo includes a strong visual image that complements both the name of the brand along with its concept. A beautiful cup of tea of a white porcelain is depicted along with a tea bag in a shape of a small house. Simple and ingenious, the logo speaks for itself.


Crush Coffee Bar

Crush Coffee Bar is situated in the heart of Spokane, Washington. The coffeeshop has recently held a major rebranding campaign, changing its inside decorations and, what’s more important, its logo. Now, the logo is designed in a minimalistic style and involves two coffee beans in a shape of a heart, which symbolizes its clients have a major crush into coffee. The text this company uses for its logo design combines an engaging font and a texture of coffee beans. A pastel pink background is a final accent in the logo’s creation: it makes you dreamy and you fall in love with coffee again and again.


My week with Marilyn

Hope you remember this film soaked with passion and intensity and was ready to hearten you up. This is not a logo of this film itself as far as films don’t have any logos at all. This is one of the posters crafted in a minimalistic style that makes you think how airy and wonderful the film is. The poster consists of 2 major details that make you think of Marilyn: pink lips and a moll above. Nothing more, nothing less. However, these two details seem to be enough: they were definitely to attract more people than ane other posters with images of Marilyn. It can be easily explained for such design is much more creative and appealing.

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