The Yummiest Catering Trends

Staying abreast with the newest and the yummiest catering trends is vital to providing your guests with the most trending, exciting, and refreshing flavours. Food is the pivotal element that decides whether an event or a party is memorable or just bland, that fades away into the memory of people. In the worst-case scenario, people will remember it for years but due to the bad service or dull menu. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends will ensure that you throw a great party, which will be the talk of the town.

It is everyone’s desire to throw a party that people talk about long after the event. Let us be real here, new things impress people. Whether it is the modified version of a traditional dish or a completely new ingredient from an alien culture. Pushing the boundary is always good. Here, we have listed some of the yummiest catering trends as the Christmas countdown begins.

Interactive Food Stations

As people are growing conscious about their food, they want to know where their food is coming from; therefore, transparency is the key during the coming festive season. People prefer to have their food cooked in front of them rather than a table with items they choose. Like the pasta station, where the guests can watch the chefs preparing the pasta, right from the raw pasta to the finished dish before serving you with pizza, where the guest can choose from a wide variety of toppings before seeing the hot steaming pizza placed on their plates. You can try several other things where guests also play a part in the preparation of the food. Allow the guests to interact with their food by letting them play a role in the creation of the dish.

Healthier Party Food

It is not just the food industry, people in general, are becoming increasingly health conscious. This move will continue in 2019 with people preferring more vibrant and colourful food and the best way to get high quality food is by hiring a professional caterer for your event. Healthy party food does not just taste great but with the colourful ingredients, it looks amazing too. Some of the good options for healthier party foods are Bruschetta, smoked salmon on toasts with cucumber and herbs, guacamole and chips, shrimp cocktail, etc.

Grazing Tables

An ideal grazing table is one with diverse and colourful food that allows your guest to mingle with the items. The trick here is not to hold on the good stuff. Your guests will prefer the cheese and prosciutto to the extravagant dragon fruit. Include items such as rustic bread, cheese, a range of meats, and dips.

Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms have become incredibly popular in parties; they are a newly discovered super-food good for the immune system. Apart from being incredibly healthy, the mushroom tastes phenomenal, which is why it is a much-desired inclusion in catering parties. With a wide range of caterers in Australia offering mushroom canapés, several dishes including wild mushrooms and others are trending in parties.

Neo-Nordic Cuisine

Neo-Nordic cuisine represents health, purity, season, and quality. These increasable looking dishes have been an integral part for several Michelin star restaurants in Australia for some time now, but lately, they have been growing in catering parties. The Neo-Nordic menu includes things like poached egg, fermented rye bread, fish with fresh vegetables, waffles with chanterelles, and modish cured meats. These dishes best go with elegant ceramics.

Local Ingredients

For your catering party during the Christmas, do not forget to incorporate local plants, spices, and herbs. You can use hundreds of native food spices such as the bush tomato, mountain peppers, lemon, tatami apples, wattle seed, quandongs, and macadamia nuts. Also include the Aussie meats like swordfish and prawn, kangaroo, emu and crocodile to bring a little of the Australian flavour to your party.

Vegetable-based Cocktails

Vegetables infused in the cocktail are trending in 2018 and is going to continue throughout 2019. A large number of bartenders are already doing it and this trend is catching up with the catering industry with several caterers facilitating the clients. Therefore, before you hire a caterer, you may want to ask if they provide vegetable-based cocktails. Vegetables used are radish, beet, green beans, carrot, butternut squash, and more.

Why Hire a Caterer for your Party?

If anyone knows best about the trends in catering, it is the caterer. To compete with the numerous other catering companies in Australia, a caterer has to stay abreast with the yummiest catering trends. A reputed caterer will help you make the right judgment on the type of menu and arrangement that is suitable for the occasion and the season. A caterer reduces your party expense and saves time you can dedicate to other essential tasks like getting the invitation ready, checking on the guests if they are coming, etc.

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