The 7 Best Tropical Beaches for Spending the Winter Holidays

During the fall or the cold winter months, many people in the northern hemisphere will plan tropical beach holidays to escape the freezing temperature. In a terrible weather like this, it will be a luxury to be in a place with warm weather, dine on tropical cuisines and drink tropical drinks. The following are the best 7 tropical beaches for tourists.

  1. Matira Beach

Matira Beach is the most popular public beach in Bora Bora on The entire stretch of beach spans from Hotel Bora Bora – Matira Point. It has narrow seashore that features fine white sand. The blue ocean water is clear and you can easily see through it to the coral reef below. The shallow water is also perfect for swimming. The beach is usually not packed during the weekdays. From this beach, you can also board cruise ships to explore the ocean. You can reach Matira Beach by taking shuttle buses that stop by every 20 – 30 minutes. The beach is bicycle friendly. You can rent the bicycle from Avis.

  1. Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach is a nice beach that offers calm water and fine powdery white sand seashore in Kailua, Oahu. The exact location of the beach is in between Kailua Bay and Waimanalo Bay. It is one of the best places for watching the sunrise. Many people also like to take photos on this beach. You can observe the color of the water changing from turquoise to blue under different lighting conditions. It is a bit hard to find parking here and there are not many amenities. The beach can get very crowded in peak times but it is worth visiting if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can perform various recreational activities including kayaking, and surfing at the area of the ocean that has reefs

  1. Ko Phi Phi Don

Ko Phi Phi Don, the biggest island of the group of Ko Phi Phi islands is home to the most popular tropical beaches in the world. The beach is completely modernized with ATM, internet cafe, restaurants, and supermarket. The nonvolcanic island had many tall limestone cliffs. You can reach this island from Phuket by taking a 90 minutes boat ride. It is also possible to arrive on this island with a boat ride from Krabi Province. You can dive or go under the water in a snorkel to explore the fishes. Many areas of the island are in the protection of a marine reserve. The beach is so scenic that it is often used as a postcard picture. You can climb up to Koh Phi Phi Don Viewpoint to get a complete view of the beach.

  1. Playa Paraiso Beach

Playa Paraiso Beach is truly a paradise boasting a white sandy seashore and turquoise water in Tulum, Mexico. It is famous for its ancient Mayan ruins which consist of an abandoned white building. You can visit this ruin to learn about the ancient Mayan culture. The best time to visit the beach to view the ruins is in the morning as it will be hot and crowded in the afternoon. The beach has lots of seaweed so it may not be suitable for swimming. On the weekdays, the beach is filled with tourists are from German, Netherlands, and Americans. The locals visit the beach on the weekends. The toilets can be found near the parking spaces. Beach chairs can be rented from the restaurant that sells drinks on the beach. Get more details at

  1. Navio Beach

Navio Beach is a secluded white sandy beach with a rock formation on both sides on Isla de Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. The best way to reach Navio beach on the ground is by driving an SUV along the dirt road. The background of the beach has lots of palm trees and other types of green leaves trees. When taking a photo from above, the scenery is really nice exactly like the type of picture used on a postcard. You can reach Navio Beach in 20 minutes by taking a seaplane from Puerto Rico. The beach has been featured in the film called The Lord of the Flies in 1961. It has strong waves so you can surf or perform boogie boarding here. While strolling along the seashore, you can frequently encounter crabs and iguanas.

  1. Metzitzim Beach

Metzitzim Beach, named after a 70s Israeli film, is the most popular family-friendly beach in Tel Aviv, Israel. The beach has many amenities like showers, restroom, changing room and volleyball courts. You can climb up to the cliff nearby to view the coastline and beach. It is a nice place to stop by for swimming or basking in the sun. If the weather is hot, you can rent an umbrella and beach chair. If you want to read some book on the beach, you can visit the small public library that is just around the corner to borrow some books. It also has a children playground perfect for families who are taking their little ones to the beach.

  1. Ipanema Beach

Ipanema beach is located within proximity to another beach called Copacabana beach. It is narrower than Copacabana beach and usually is not crowded during the day. It is cheaper to go on a vacation at Ipanema beach compared to Copacabana beach. There are lots of stands at the beach that sell many types of delicious snacks like grilled cheese, sandwiches, and etc. If you don’t want to sit on the sand, you can rent the beach chair. You will also find vendors that sell t-shirt, and souvenirs. The waves on this beach are quite tall and there is no life guard so children should not go swimming there. It is best for hanging out on the shore and strolling with your loved one.

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