How to use ottomans to create the perfect reading corner

The avid book lover wants to have the perfect, cozy reading corner to spend their days off or pass the time on a rainy afternoon. Yet people are finding themselves moving into smaller and smaller spaces and it is not easy to make room and to design the reading corner the right way for you. With smaller homes and a minimalist attitude comes the desire for multipurpose furniture that provides comfort in a smaller space.

Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your arsenal, and you can work them easily into any room in your home. That makes them the ideal centerpiece for your reading corner design. To really make these reading corners work, you should really get storage ottomans rather than the standard.

A storage ottoman looks just like any other, but the top lifts off to reveal hidden storage inside. Some of these ottomans can be quite large, and the interior storage could be suitable for holding at least a dozen paperback novels comfortably, as well as any other things you want while reading like a notepad, pen, and book light.

Many children who love books wish for a reading corner with a bay window and window seat, with built-in shelves to hold all of their favorites. Now you can satisfy your inner child by turning any window into a reading corner, with websites that sell ottomans designed to be pushed right up to the window, with built-in storage for the books to be stored within.

You can also use a storage ottoman to create a reading area on your covered porch or patio. If you like to watch the rainstorms or just breathe in the fresh scent of nature, the ottoman provides an additional seat when needed and stores all of your books and accessories within. Stow a comfy, soft lap blanket in there as well to ward off that early morning chill.

A child’s room can also benefit from a reading corner, and an ottoman takes up so little space that it is easy to create one, whether in their bedroom, playroom, the family room, or the living room. A child’s reading corner likely looks much different than the one you would build for yourself, but it can actually be very practical.

A storage ottoman dedicated to your child’s reading, coloring, and other quiet self-entertaining activities can hold all of the items they need for those activities, as well as a toy or stuffed animal and maybe a favorite blanket.

The ottoman is so lightweight it can be moved from place to place within the home, allowing your child’s “reading corner” to be as mobile as they are. Some ottoman designs might also allow you to add casters to the feet of the ottoman so that it can easily be wheeled from place to place by the child themselves.

Finally, creating a reading corner in the bedroom might be more important than you think. If your household is spending more time at home like most others, you’re going to have a hard time finding a quiet place to go and be alone, and just…be. That place is easy to make with a storage item placed against one window.

If you have enough room for a true reading corner, storage ottomans can still be beneficial. Pair one with a comfortable accent chair, and use the ottoman to both: store your books to allow your mind to escape to another world and give you a way to prop up your feet. As a bonus, the ottoman can give you an extra seat in the bedroom when needed.

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