Top 6 Nudist Beaches in the World. What to Know before You Get on a Nudist Beach

Fairly often, mother nature leaves us breathless with great landscapes where humans have not had the chance to leave their traces yet. Those places are beautiful, close to heaven, where Adam and Eve lived in the beginnings of mankind. There they did not need clothes to cover their nakedness. Today, nudist beaches are the common places where inhibition has no room.

Here are the top six nudist beaches in the world:

Leucate Plage, France (Mediterranean coast)


It is a classical Mediterranean beach with calm waters and not too far from the Pyrenees. It benefits from the fresh breezes in midsummer. The beach is public and therefore anyone can access the golden sands of Leucate Plage.

Playa Es Pregons Gran, Balearic Islands

Playa Es Pregons Gran

In Spain, nudist beaches are more popular than you think and walking on the beach or even in nearby cities dressed up in Adam and Eve’s costumes is not illegal. However, these practices are reserved only for nudist beaches, if officials do not claim otherwise. No wonder that the popularity of nudist beaches outperforms that of the traditional ones. Whole families can be seen on nudist beaches, therefore.

Vera Playa, Spain (Almeria)

Playa de Vera

Spaniards have embraced nudism wholeheartedly and in a manner worthy of the unique country that Penelope Cruz gave to the world. Many of those who love nudist beaches hope to catch a glimpse of one of them someday. But it is surprising that many do not stay too long on the beach and go for fun to other cooler places. Almeria is Spain’s hottest place so occasionally, a shady place is everything you want.

Haulover Beach Florida USA (Sunny Isles, north of Miami)

Haulover Beach Florida USA

This place is called the “Sunny state” and does not take too long to understand why. Haulover Beach is said to be the best nudist beach in the United States and attracts huge amounts of visitors.

Banana Beach, Greece (Skiathos, near Koukounaries)

Banana Beach, Greece

With a resounding name such as Banana Beach, how could this place be otherwise than full of fun? Banana Beach is located in the southwest of the Skiathos Island. It is situated near the town of Volos where Iason (Jason) started the perilous quest for the famous Golden Fleece, to reclaim the kingdom. Banana Beach is characterized by sand dunes and junipers.

Valalta, Croatia (Istria, near Rovinj)

Valalta, Croatia

Valalta beach is considered one of the best beaches in Croatia located near the town of Rovinj. The beach has a lot of perfect places for nudists, with fine sands. Also, the good restaurants meet the tourists in search of traditional dishes.

Tips to know before you go to a nudist beach

If you want to go to a nudist beach, you should first do your homework. Putting your clothes off does not mean that you will be welcomed with open arms. There are certain rules that must be respected on a nudist beach. Not to mention the fact that such a “trip” can be a little frightening. You do not know what to expect especially if you’re anxious about your nudity.

To date, no book has been written on how to behave on a nudist beach, especially since they may differ significantly from one another; you should act according to the atmosphere.

For example the St. Martin’s Beach – especially Orient Beach – is pretty quiet.

On the other side of the spectrum, the nudist beaches in Jamaica are wild and lively.

However, here are a few points to guide you if you ever want to go on a nudist beach:

Leave the camera in the hotel room when you go to a nudist beach

You may have no problem with those who are on the beach if you have a camera on you. However, those dealing with the security of the beach might bring you back for a private conversation. Maybe you did not know, but cameras are prohibited on these beaches. Think about how you would feel if a naked photo of you was posted on social websites.

Do not assume nudist beaches are good places to hang out

Beautiful women lying on the beach are not prostitutes. It is not a good idea to get laid with someone you don’t know. Even if you are together with the one you love, control your instincts because many of those who come to such beaches are elderly people or even whole families. Tourists don’t come here meet their soulmates, but to to enjoy the sun, water, and sand.

You must know the difference between nudist beaches and those where clothes are optional

Nudist beaches are those where the clothes are not allowed. In other words, you must completely undress if you want to sunbathe there. On the other hand, there are beaches where clothes are optional. It is your decision.

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