Alicante Travel Guide

Alicante is the provincial capital and the second largest city in the Valencian Community. The capital, Valencia is situated 170 kilometers to the north and Torrevieja is 65 kilometers to the south. Alicante’s International Airport is located only a few minutes away from the city center.

Alicante is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, ideally situated on the shores of the Mediterranean with the Benecantil mountains in the background. Alicante enjoys a pleasant climate, mild winters, and warm summers, with the average temperatures of 18 degrees.

The city has a population of 300,000 people, a proud and welcoming population who are used to sharing their land with foreigners. The longest and quietest beach is that of San Juan with its fine golden sand. However, the most popular is the El Postiguet Beach.

El Postiguet Beach
In July, all the way down to the beginning of September, people with disabilities can enjoy accessible beach services offered by the Municipality of Alicante. Both people with mental and physical disabilities can benefit from the swimming and bathing services offered in recreational and educational areas on beaches of El Postiguet and San Juan.

San Juan
The city invites you to immerse yourself in the long palm lines promenades and parks, enjoying the Catholic landscaped gardens that are found throughout the city. Just parallel to the central port of Alicante, you can find the famous Esplanade de Espana whether local craftsmen display their wares throughout the year.

The picturesque Santa Cruz neighborhood is situated within the walls of the old town, offering a typically Mediterranean atmosphere with the castle walls dropping down onto narrow windy streets which in turn offer many natural viewpoints.

Santa Cruz neighborhood
Many of Alicante’s historical and religious buildings, such as the Baroque palace that has been converted into the Town Hall, sit in the middle of the old town.

Founded in 1932 and featuring a futurist design, The Archaeological Museum of Alicante showcases over 80,000 exhibits and welcomes visitors with modern visual and audio techniques guaranteeing a perfect atmosphere.

The heart of the city has developed into a prime leisure center for both the country’s inhabitants and tourists alike.

The most famous festival in Alicante is Las Hogueras de San Juan, taking place on 20-25th of June. Huge monuments are built and burned down during the festival. During the week following the festival, night fireworks are thrown into the air, delighting locals and tourists alike.

Other popular celebrations are the Carnival, the Holy Week, Moros y Cristianos festival, and Santa Faz when a massive pilgrimage takes place to a village nearby Alicante.

See Alicante’s history firsthand with an unforgettable visit to the Castle of Santa Barbara where you can marvel at amazing views of the coast of the city. The Castle of San Fernando is another attraction, located in the north part of the old town. It was built in the very beginning of the 19ts century.

Castle of Santa Barbara
Tourists and visitors getting from the Alicante airport to the city or surrounding areas in Costa Brava have plenty of options. Let’s see few of them.

– By bus. The price for a one-way trip is 1 euro per person, and the bus makes regular trips, every hour.

– By taxi. The price varies between 14 and 18 euros per trip, but the fares are considerably higher at night, from 25 up to 40 euros per trip. If you want to reach other resorts in Costa Blanca, the prices vary from 30 to 100 euros, depending on the desired location.

– By tram. A tramway is an affordable option if you want to visit some resorts in Costa Blanca and the prices range from 1 to 6 euros per one-way trip. Tickets are available as both one-way or return trips.

– Private airport transfers. The most comfortable option to travel to or from the Alicante Airport. Competitive prices (varying from company to company), services tailored to meet the most sophisticated requirements, and friendly staff – these are just some ingredients of a hassle-free trip if you choose a private transfer from Alicante Airport to the city or want to reach other resorts in Costa Blanca.

If you are looking for a cultural holiday as well as one with sun and relaxation, Alicante is the perfect place. You can reach Alicante in a variety of ways: by plane, by train, by bus or by boat.

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