How to Avoid Fraud and Find a Reliable Moving Company

Imagine that to move to another place of living, you’d need to do everything on your own. Pack each item, get somewhere a truck, stuff it with your belongings, and drive for many miles to reach the destination. And you cover all the risks from your pocket. It’s a possible scenario for short or long-distance moving, but not a necessary one. Fortunately, there are companies glad to offer moving and storage options to get the burden from your shoulders. Your task is to pick the right one.

However, right away, you understand that choosing a reliable moving company is a real challenge. The market is flooded by tricksters whose aim is to earn more money for less work. Searching for hours on the net and talking to numerous representatives is not the best option because you have other matters to deal with.

That’s why in this article, we offer several steps to find a perfect moving company for your needs and spend the least possible amount of time on the task.

1. Use available human resources – ask for advice

Start with the easy step – ask your friends and acquaintances about their experience. Moving is not so rare in life: many people help kids get to their dorms or move from one rented apartment to another. They can recommend certain companies or give precious advice on the moving process. Moreover, you can also check the web for stress-free moving.

2. Take advantage of the local companies

Of course, moving companies that cover the whole country and also accomplish international relocations have immense expertise in their job. However, such services aren’t for everyone. If you move from one city to a nearby one, you might want to work with a crew who knows local regulations and is, in a word, down to earth instead of flying in the sky across the whole world.

3. Choose the company to meet your particular needs

It’s similar to the previous idea. Some companies train their workers to accomplish residential relocations, some have a special crew to preserve valuable items by providing custom crating, and others prefer working B2B. Of course, most companies offer to give any kind of service, but you better ask around about the companies’ experience and choose accordingly.

4. Scroll through reviews

We came to the critical step. On the websites, you’ll read beautiful feedback and promises to do the job perfectly, but you shouldn’t believe plain words. Do a little research by reading reviews on several platforms like ConsumerAffairs or in Google Maps. They will give you a much more realistic picture, but most importantly, help in detecting scams. Some companies change their names regularly to avoid a tail of bad reputation. That’s why a long-running company with good credentials and various reviews is the best choice. And remember that any business may get negative feedback, but the ability to answer to it and improve one’s operation is a sign of a decent moving partner.

5. Check the documents

After you’ve settled at one variant, ask them to show their credentials. Differences depend on the moving company’s scope. If the firm operates between states, it needs to have a license from the Department of Transportation in the form of a DOT number. If the company works only within a certain state’s borders, local regulations play a significant role.

The additional step to check a company’s liability is to see whether it’s certified by the American Moving & Storage Association.

6. Even if you’ve chosen a company, get estimates from several firms

In this case, the cheapest variant is the most suspicious. Before bargaining and looking for a profitable deal, keep in mind that moving is quite expensive, and there’s nothing to do with it. By looking through the market, you’ll comprise a picture of reasonable prices. After that, talk to the companies about their services and ask for an estimate. Usually, they offer it for free. Don’t trust companies who evaluate your situation on the phone or give just an approximate sum only from your oral description of the move. Each case is different, and as a non-professional, you can’t take into account all expenses, like special packaging for valuable possessions or storage services, for example.

7. It’s ok to leave a deposit, but not the whole amount in advance

Obviously, moving companies need to cover their expenses and protect themselves from treacherous customers. That’s why they ask you to pay a part of the bill in advance, but this amount shouldn’t be higher than twenty percent of the whole estimate. Some companies don’t ask for any money until the job is done.

If you face problems with the firm during the move, make a complaint to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can also refer to the consumer protection agency. And remember to leave a review on various sites to help other people avoid fraud.

8. Get straight all additional fees

As we said, all cases have their peculiarities. If you live in an apartment on the tenth floor without a staircase and want to move a piano, be ready to pay a larger sum than is written in the price list. That’s why it’s crucial to meet the company’s representative in person and discuss your move on site. The professional will notice the challenges of your situation and recommend solutions. Remember to state this additional fee in the contract.

In conclusion

Luckily, many companies stand up to their words and work up to their values. All you need is to trust the right people, and for that, do research and don’t be too gullible. Stand your ground and stay positive to start your new life with a successful relocation.

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