5 Main Things to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting Company

It’s about time you established your own blog or website so that the world can see what you have to offer and what you are all about. But it isn’t an easy process, is it? Choosing a web hosting company can be tricky, particularly if it’s your first time. It’s tricky because, in a way, you are entering into a new territory, one that you are not familiar with. It’s only natural that you may get confused, and even feel lost. Be that as it may, do not despair. This article has been written with one purpose only; to not only help you make an informed decision but to also ensure that you make the right decision. And you will. These five things are the basics you need and all will be well.

  1. Research

While in the process of choosing a web hosting company, one of the most important things to consider is research. Selecting a web host requires adequate information for you to determine what is important and what isn’t; what to go for and what to avoid. There are different kinds of hosting, and whether you are aware of them or not will influence what you will ultimately end up choosing. Some kinds of hosting will be expensive for nothing and others will cost just the right price. Furthermore, there are various web hosting companies. This is another area research will help you in. This point may seem redundant because if you are reading this article, you are obviously doing some kind of research, but just in case, I felt it was important that you don’t skip this step. Just remember two things, be familiar with the types of hosting that you are likely to receive from web hosting companies, and know which companies are the best for you. The following points will help you to do this.

  1. Price

No one needs to tell you that you should go for the hosting company that suits your pockets the best. Nonetheless, knowing which company is the best for you financially requires research. You have to look and ask around to determine the average price hosting companies are charging for web hosting. The knowledge of the different kinds of hosting will help you to choose a hosting plan that’s ideal for your situation. The basic point here is to go for the company that you know you can afford without stretching your pockets.

Furthermore, you should be familiar with the ‘sign up’ hosting price and the ‘renewal’ hosting price. The team from Web Hosting Secret Revealed highlights that if you are signing up for the first time, most web hosting companies will charge you somewhere from a third to a quarter of the price they usually charge for hosting, and then when you renew your account, they will charge you the full cost that they usually charge, which is, as indicated earlier, three to four times more. Be careful. When a hosting company says it’s only $2 and they indicate that they have given you a price cut off, confirm what the renewal charge will be. Some companies will stick to the same price that you signed up with, but most of them will do as indicated here. You should expect this and be prepared to deal with it. Most of the web hosting companies you are likely to deal with, even the really good and recommended ones, will do this to you. It’s like a trick of the trade. You won’t necessarily be able to avoid it, just be prepared to deal with it.

  1. Reliability

Here, we are talking about performance, uptime, reputation, and technical support. If you choose free web hosting, don’t expect too much in terms of performance, uptime, and technical support. There is only so much that most web hosting companies are willing to offer for free. Nevertheless, if you are paying for services from a web hosting company, then you must get services that are your money’s worth. But before paying for a web hosting service, you must already know what it is you are paying for. Confirm the services you’ll be receiving before selecting a hosting plan from a web hosting company, and then once you’ve paid, ensure that you at least receive the services you anticipated for the price you paid. But getting burned to know that fire burns isn’t the best way to realize how dangerous fire can be. A wise man learns from a fool’s mistake.

I’m not necessarily saying that they are fools, but the best way to avoid wasting money on a company that doesn’t deliver what it promises is by checking its reputation. According to the team at Hosting Review, you should look and ask around to know what others think and feel about the web hosting company/ies you are interested in. Read reviews online and see what those who have already used the services of a web hosting company think about it.

Moreover, technical support is a crucial thing. The more direct the support, the more helpful it’ll be to you. There are companies that will offer support via email, others will call, and today there are those that even use social media to help you out. The more immediate and personal the help is, the higher the chances are that your situation will be dealt with instantly to the last detail, and you will, indeed, feel helped (Kolos, 2017).

Uptime is essentially about how long will your website be live or online. Don’t expect your site to always be online if you have signed up for free web hosting. But if you are paying for the hosting, then the company you have signed up with should better be one that will always ensure your website is always up. You kept your end of the deal by paying up, and they should do their part by keeping your site up and running at all times.

  1. Know Your Needs

This is one of the main reasons I started by indicating that you should start with research. By knowing the kinds of web hosting available, and the prices they are being offered at, you’ll be in a position to evaluate your situation and determine what exactly it is you need from a hosting company.

Furthermore, you also need to consider things like the kind of technology web hosting services support. Do you need a web host that supports PHP, MySQL, or SSL? If it supports MySQL, how many databases will they allow you to set up, and what cost? In that case, how many databases do you need? What kind of hosting will best suit you; is it shared hosting, cloud, dedicated, or something else? Do your research and determine what exactly it is you need from a web host for things to work for you.

  1. Focal Point

Coryh, from Shout Me Loud, found that there are web hosting companies that provide services that are best suited for large well-established businesses and there are those that offer web hosting that’s ideal for an individual just starting a simple website. There are also web hosting companies that have something for everyone. You should consider what kind of web hosting company you are dealing with mainly to save money. If you bite more than you can chew, you’ll soon find yourself chocking and unable to keep up. Again, research is what will help you here.

Do your homework and know as much as possible before you dive into the pool. In fact, if the company you are interested in offers free web hosting, I’d advise you sign up for the free service for a while, just to taste the water. If you feel it’s good enough for you to take a dive, then upgrade and pay for the actual service you prefer from the company. And, there you have it. Pay attention to the above five points, and there’s no way you’ll sign up for something you don’t like. I hope to bump into you in the ocean of the internet of things.


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