Finding The Right Removalist In Brisbane For Your Big House Move

Are you considering movingto Brisbane? Here’s a brief guide to ensure you do not fall into the wrong hands like Charlotte.

Charlotte was planning on moving to a new suburb so she went on the internet like many of us would, punched in her search query and got a number of amazing websites. She took off their phone numbers and called them one after another. Then she got a really cheap offer and went for it. She was required to make 60% of the amount as commitment, which she readily did since the money wasn’t much anyway and her appointment was well scheduled.

On the scheduled day, the removals company didn’t show up until hours later. In a rush to meet up with her moving schedule, they broke her fridge and a few expensive art items. She got really infuriated, but she was late and couldn’t worry about that just yet.

Charlotte hadn’t seen the end of her deal with this company just yet. She was utterly dumbfounded when she realized that the company took her belongings to a holding store and asked her to pay an extra load of money before she could get her things moved to her new place.

It is for the sake of people like Charlotte that this article was conceived. When it is time to move, you have to get it right.

Whether you consider your relocation a small one of a huge one, it’s necessary that you have professionals do the job. It is as important as any other decision you may take during your relocation process to ensure that you do not leave the task of moving your things in the hands of unqualified or unprofessional people because moving in Brisbane, this sunshine city of beauty, can sometimes be a hassle.

Here are a few tips to guide you on your big move.

  1. They must come recommended.

Charlotte, did a fantastic job when she looked on the internet for removers. However, it is not enough to enjoy the aesthetics of the company’s website. Have they helped move for someone you know?

It’s really important. You probably have friends or family who has relocated in the past. Well, call them up and have them recommend a company to you. It is always helpful to have someone close give you a review. It’s not only nice, it would most likely be sincere and that’s safe.

However, it’s not much use if your friend or family member relocated fifteen years ago. It’s still a good thing that they recommended them, but you have to look at recent performances with clients and customers.

Where it is impossible to get recommendations from anyone you know, it is okay to look on the internet, not for their phone numbers now, but for reviews of their previous clients. Remember that you are mostly looking out for the worst comments and the frequency of bad comments. If there are so many bad reviews, you must run away. No company could satisfy ALL clients, so you have to cut them some slack.

Now that you have a company in mind, the next step is to contact them and relate to them.

  1. How professional are they?

Charlotte got a deal over the phone, which sounds cool. But professionals would come to you, assess the risks involved – to ensure that the corridors are wide enough or too narrow, the stairs, how steep are they? If you have any oversized item, etc. then they can give you an amount. Now, that’s really professional. But what’s even more, is that some companies would go to your new place to see what kind of house you are moving into. The difference in architecture, the materials used for the walls, and all the checks they did at your current place. Amazing right? When they do this, they should score more points!

  1. Are they accredited or do they have insurance?

While you are relating to the company, one of the things you want to know is if they are accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

The Australian laws don’t require a removalist to have insurance, however, when you are relocating ensure that you have insurance discussed thoroughly!

It helps if they are accredited by AFRA, because, AFRA requires that all its members have insurance to cover your items (you can look at AFRA’s website to check your prospective removalist).

There are cases where expert removalists in Brisbane do not enlist with AFRA, ensure you find out what insurance options they have. Accidents happen, you can never be too safe.

  1. Are there any hidden charges?

It’s okay to get an estimate to ensure you stay within budget. Unlike Charlotte, Find out precisely what is involved. What long will the move take? Assuming there’s a delay from any party, would there be extra charges? Are there any other charges you may need to know of? In fact, when you have all these questions answered, ensure you get a written detailed and accurate quote.

  1. A little extra value won’t hurt.

A good company would meet your moving needs, but a Great company would go beyond your expectations!

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