Top Qualities to Attract the Zodiac Signs

heartLoving the signs is one thing, but seducing is quite another. Some of it may be cliché, but the points are to be what the other person wants. If you’re looking to win the signs, here are some tips.

Aries: Be direct.

Be aggressive and bold. Aries like people who are straight to the point. If you fall for an Aries, you better be open about your feelings. Show them sincerity through your actions.

Taurus: Sensual.

Slow and steady wins the race here. Enjoy the chase and fight for the chase. Show tokens of appreciation early and often. Make them feel desired and they’ll be very responsive to sensual stimuli. Quality sense of humour is also important.

Gemini: Brains.

Gemini really appreciate someone who is somewhat intelligent and can communicate on the same wavelength. To seduce a Gemini be yourself, bring up thought provoking questions in your conversations. Ask them philosophical questions and inquire more about their dreams and goals.

Cancer: Romantic.

Romantic gestures win with Cancers. They want to feel romantically involved because their soft-hearted creatures, they love being pampered and babied. Home cooked meals, sensual behaviour and really being shown that they’re loved.

Leo: Focus.

They want to be the most important person in the room. Treat them like their the only thing that matters to you and turn the lights down while you’re doing it. They’ll feel like the centre of attention, and they’ll love that. Talk to them quietly, whisper to them. Do anything you can on a soft, quiet level and you’ll win the Leo over.

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Virgo: Order.

They prefer people who have their life in a tidy place. To win over a Virgo, be yourself. Tell them about your plans and your future and your dreams. Get them involved in your projects and always remind them why you need them.

Libra: Style.

They’re sophisticated creatures. They want to be romanced with a high sense of style. They want all the classics, and they want to know if you’re investing in them. They want to the position and the moments. To win a Libra over be yourself and highlight your strong points.

Scorpio: Intrigue.

They don’t mind a challenge and want to feel like they’re working in secret. They don’t want the world to know their being seduced and they like to take things slowly. They like delicate moments and delicate emotions. They’re pure people. To win a Scorpio over keep things mysterious and captivating.

Sagittarius: Adventurous.

They like activities that feel like a journey to them. That said, they like the excitement that comes from exploring new things and new battling challenges. To win a Sagittarius’ heart: invite them to your secret place. Take them out to do various activities and be a story teller.

Capricorn: Sophistication.

The slow and steady approach works best with Capricorns. Let curiosity do the work. Each time you encounter them move a little bit further along. Show them the various sides of yourself. Involve them with different activities. Tell them your greatest fears and also your greatest pleasures. Invite them in on your future plans too.

Aquarius: Unconventional.

These individuals are quirky. They aren’t what people expect. They are different and unique. That means working with their intellect and being a good friend first. Be off beat and different, send good manners and good vibes their way and you’ll quickly be on their flirtatious side.

Pisces: Fantasy.

They love being loved on a level that’s fantasy-like. Talk to them everyday. Role play stories with them. Bring them to the movies. Invite them on a trip. Take them out for a walk at night or ask them if they want to conquer the world with you and how that would happen. Build castles in the sky with them.

Well, that’s it for all the tips.

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