The Sex Appeal of Your Zodiac Sign

There is pretty much debate which sign is the sexiest. It really all comes down to a matter of personal preference and every sign has something about them that can drive someone wild with passion.



What’s sexy about Aries, is their confidence but you might be thinking “Oh, he’s an Aries and he’s not that confident” because there are Aries that are confident but who lack self-esteem. The sexiest thing about Aries is that they don’t think twice and they just put themselves out there, they go after what they want and they have that Mars energy that turns into sex appeal.


Here are some very aesthetically pleasing forces out there – the cows of the zodiac. For Taurus, no matter how gorgeous they are, no matter how handsome they are, the sexiest thing about them is the way they touch people, the way you feel it. Even being physically next to a Taurus, there is something so nice about these natives: kindness, protection, and dedication are what make them sexy.


What’s sexy about the Gemini is that you don’t really know where you are gonna get with them. They could be like really beautiful and really intelligent, they are like a spicy food, with a twist of new. It’s so exciting to discover new things with those natives.


Cancers don’t really make the best one-hight-stand. There are a lot better and long-term relationships in the case of these natives. If you have a one-night-stand with a Cancer, the sex isn’t going to be up to its full potential. What’s sexy about those natives is their emotional involvement and their passion. They live emotionally and thus can hit a spot of you. You feel like you are being taken care of and they show a lot of consideration for you. If a Cancer does not really like you that much, they aren’t really going to be sexy. If they get emotionally involved a little bit too fast, that’s when the relationship can come in. This is not the sign to just have sex with.


Leos are going to do something to make themselves really desirable, to feel like a prized possession. They like to impress by their talent, they are just like very pretty, like a trophy you put yourself on your bed. Leos know how to make anything fun and they are very spicy.

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Virgos might seem like good boys, good girls, kind of boring at first but they are the kinkiest sign. Virgos are very concerned about their appearance, they like that one perfect way their body looks. So the sexiest things in a Virgo are the external appearance, the way they look and dress, and a sense of overall tidiness and discipline.


Libras usually impress by their beauty and are very attractive. They have something about them that’s just going to make them seem like the ideal mates, that feeling of “I really wanna marry this person, this person was made for me.” But the problem is that there are some Libras who don’t want to get married and they end up attracting people who are looking for serious relationships. Libras are going to end up getting whatever it is. If they are looking for someone to marry, they will surely find someone to marry. If they are looking for someone to have sex with, they are very capable of getting that too because they just know how to appeal to people. It’s that sexy smart thing. They simply know how to be sexy.


Scorpios know how to trigger people’s curiosity and if there’s something about them, there’s like a little bit different – they are straightforward and eccentric. Even if they are just quiet they like to take the helm and rule the sex. So Scorpio is kind of forbidden fruit, they like quality. It’s the thing that you want!


Sagittarius are good for people who like a chase. It’s just like you get a glimpse of them, like “Oh, my god, I want more!”. They have that appeal like there’s someone you want to be around, someone who has all the answers and love to settle down. However, it’s not the easiest sign.

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People who like a very subtle sense of power would be attracted to Capricorn. Capricorns have stability, composure, and control over their life. Something exciting about getting them lose that control is to test the boundaries and see if you can get that reaction out of someone. At that point, you will find those natives very attractive to you. Capricorns are very hard working and part of the appeal of being with someone who is hard working is seeing if you can distract them from their job at all. Capricorns are the sexiest when they are focused and determined. As a Capricorn, you may find yourself sexier if you are a challenge to obtain, to make difficult for the people who are interested in you to actually get you.


When an Aquarius demands, respect! – regardless of what they look like, what kind of garb they wear, etc. That is the sexiest thing about them. Their nonconformity to the rules, setting own standards, free spirit, and not looking to anyone else for confirmation is what makes them sexy.


A Pieces can give you the impression that they are really gonna take you somewhere different like the realm of spirituality. They like to see beyond the trivial things and when they have sex with you, they want to make you feel like in a parallel reality.

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