10 Signs that You Are Making Your Life Harder than It Should Be

albert-einstein-quoteMany folks tend to forget the true reasons for life, leaving themselves overwhelmed with the daily activities, home cleaning, and other duties. Then, they complain life is too hard.

The pure truth is that you can have an easier life if you want. Just think for a few minutes about what you want to change. Here are ten signs that you are making your life harder than it is.

You compare yourself with others

The only comparison you should do is with yourself – the “you” from yesterday, trying to become a better “you” today.

Do not bother yourself comparing your life with others’; not only will it distract you from improving your life, but you will become bitter and jealous according to Vibrant Life Oklahoma. Everyone has their own path in life and your journey through life may not be similar to anyone’s. That does not mean you should feel threatened or inferior when you see how others are living their lives. You should only compare “you” from today with “you” from yesterday and to use this comparison to be better.

You leave the fear to make decisions for you

When you were a kid, you were maybe afraid of the fee-faw-fum hiding under the bed in your room. Later, more and more fears were being added to the list: the fear that you might not earn enough to survive, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, the fear of others, the fear of making a significant change into your life, etc. And the list goes on.

But remember one thing: the fear exists only in your mind. The more often you say “I can make it”, the faster the fear will go away, and you can start enjoying your life again.

You buy things that you do not really need

For many people, money is the leading cause of stress. And even if money determines our standard of living, you should never abuse the addictive power of money; rather, you should use it to buy the things you need and not just the ones you want.

Spending too much contributes to the financial stress, which is a so common problem in the modern societies.

You say “I will start tomorrow” although you never do it

You want to eat healthier, but you’ll start tomorrow. You want to resign, but you are waiting until you are ready to tell the boss. You wish to go on vacation, but you are delaying it until you have more money in the account. You want to start a business, but you will set it up when you have more free time. Does it sound familiar?

When you delay something, your aims tend to become harder to achieve because you tend bring increasingly more excuses not to plunge. Today is the perfect day to start working your way, otherwise, over the years, you will have an inexhaustible list of regrets about all the things that you haven’t done.

change your life today

You live your life thinking about the future instead of acting in the present

You are living now, so gambling on the future won’t do anything more than ending up anxious today. Living in a reality that does not exist, you are on the verge to lose everything that’s happening now. Instead, you can consciously build the future adopting an attitude of gratitude for the life you have now. Then you can enjoy both the present and future instead of waiting for your happiness to come.

You are always underestimating yourself

Be careful the way you are talking to yourself; it leads everything in your life. If you continue to inveigh against yourself, don’t wonder why the others are paying less respect to you. Usually, you are your most fierce critic of your daily actions so try to be more gentle with yourself. Remember that you’re a human being, nobody is perfect in this world, and everyone can commit mistakes.

You put too much weight on what others think

Some people will always love you while others won’t like you whatever you do. But that’s the life, and you will end up being disappointed if you try to convince others to change their opinions about you. “Validate” yourself; others do not need to approve the way you are living your life!

You pass quickly from one thing to another and you do not have time to relax

One of the biggest reasons for stress is to have a lot of daily tasks to fulfill. However, remember today you are living the life that you have “manufactured” over time. You can review your daily activities, and put more emphasis on relaxation. Mother nature is not on the run, why should people?

Slow down, breathe deeply, and relax. You are not on this earth just to work and then die; you are here to experience, to live, to learn and to reinvent yourself. Be a batter “you”!

reinvent yourself

You focus too much on negative experiences

Nothing pulls you down more than living in the past. Focusing on the pain you have experienced over the years brings even more suffering. Forget about the people who have hurt you, get rid of all those painful memories and invest all your energy to improve your life from now on. Yesterday cannot be changed anymore, but you can control the thoughts and the actions of today.

You’re not honest with yourself

The more you avoid to face unpleasant things in life, the stronger they will become later and eventually you will feel overwhelmed. To live a happy life you have to defeat the “demons”, to face the pain, and not to hide it.

Problems will exist whether or not you want accept it, but honestly listen to your feelings, do not to “bury” deep inside yourself; you’ll be able to face your “umbrellas” and move on.

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