How Are Men when They Love, According to their Sign

birth-zodiac-signsIf you want to find out how men behave when they love, according to their sign of the zodiac, keep reading.

Aries: Aggressive

Spontaneous, adorable, funny. Excellent kisser and generous family guy. However, he always wants to be right and becomes quarrelsome and aggressive otherwise.

Taurus: Determined

Taurus loves long term relationships. He can be very annoying, but he only does it to get attention. Good kisser, but stubborn from times to times. He is very beautiful and purposeful. If he wants something, he gets it.

Gemini – Double

Not for nothing it is said Gemini. The man of this sign is dual: cute, good listener, but fighter. Childish, but sarcastic, pushy, but reliable. He has an irresistible smile.

Cancer – Beautiful

An attractive man with sex appeal, good kisser. He is creative and loving, with a fairly high libido. Passionate, spontaneous, but vengeful if disappointed.

Lion – King

Attractive, passionate, always having words on him. He is always cheerful, but when he gets grumpy and upset, he behaves like a child. Excellent kisser, but is quite predictable and monotonous.

Virgo – Patient

Virgo man is dominant in a relationship and likes to have the last word. Smart, loving, loyal, respectful, but quickly loses his temper when someone disappoints him. Does not forget and never forgives.

Libra – Weak

It’s funny, creative, with a unique sex appeal. He’s sweet and loving, but you’d never want to step on his toes. He is vengeful. If you do not offend, he can be very romantic.

Scorpio – Addict

Adorable, playful, bold, romantic. Kissing well, he is communicative and always gets what he wants. He is very protective to his family and if he feels he is no longer respected, he breaks the relationship without words.

Sagittarius – Promiscuous

Spontaneous, attractive, likes long-term relationships. However, he loses his patience very quickly. It is not recommended to be near a Sagittarius when he is angry. He is, however, an excellent lover.

Capricorn – Passionate lover

Smart, cute, understanding, sexy. It can be grumpy and annoying sometimes. He is irresistible but tends to work too hard and put the relationship second to his job. He likes cooking and telling jokes.

Aquarius – Like water

Reliable, attractive, good kisser. Thinks longer, strives a lot, but likes to postpone his duties. When he is not sleeping, he is a great lover who, nevertheless, will love his pet more than the partner. Aquarius men are unpredictable.

Pisces – Ideal

The ideal man, loving, intelligent, organized, funny, passionate. He likes to be the heart of the universe and pays people too much credit. He proves so much faith in people and suffers when someone disappoints him.

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