Brand Promotions: A Sign of the Times

6 Small Business Marketing Changes to Make in 2015What makes your brand tick?

No matter what methods you use to promote and advertise your brand, there is never really too much that can be done to spread the word.

While you don’t want to come across as too sales heavy in your brand pitches, there are certain marketing and advertising efforts that are essentially no-brainers in getting consumers to know more about you.

Stop for a few minutes and see which of the following you are and are not doing, allowing you and your brand to succeed better this year and in the future.

Do Consumers Truly Know You?

To begin with, how good are your content marketing efforts?

Some brands are great at putting the printed word out there, others prove not so great.

Your content marketing initiatives need to click, giving consumers a reason to shop and ultimately buy from you.

You can do this some ways, but ultimately it boils down to:

  • Being authoritative and informative in your blog posts;
  • Promoting your posts on social media on a regular basis, not the occasional drips and drabs (see more below);
  • Sharing content with other relevant sources in your respective industry. Cross-promotion is a great means by which to pick up new customers.

When you master content marketing, you increase the odds of landing new business, so never take this important component of brand promotion for granted.

Another important part of the brand promotion mix is signage, also known as getting your logo out there for all to see.

A led sign is a great tool with which to shout out to the world that your brand is ready to do business with consumers.

With that in mind, what signage design you ultimately come up with and where you locate the sign are two critical factors.

What Should Your Message Be?

Start with what you want your sign/logo to say about your brand.

Do you want your message to be short and sweet or longer? What color or colors should you incorporate into the signage? Should you include only a phone number or also look to add your web address to the sign?

Assuming your business is not as well-known as say a Wendy’s, Barnes & Noble, Shell, Pizza Hut, Denny’s or other iconic company, it stands to reason that a phone number at minimum is a good call. Make sure that phone number is large and visible, so passing cars or pedestrians notice it.

Another important decision to make is where the signage will be posted. Choosing where the sign is located can truly make or break your efforts when going this marketing route.

If you have more than one business location around town or through some towns (even states), then the location is not quite as important due to the fact there is a high probability that consumers know about you.

On the other hand, those companies with just one storefront are more in need of having their signage in a prime location, making it stand out for both drivers and those walking/running/cycling by.

When you opt for a led sign, another benefit is that you often work with experts who can not only show you the best locale for your signage but also how to craft the right message. Getting your message right the first time around will help you increase the odds of more sales and make your business more successful.

Social Component Matters Too

Last but not least, spreading the word about your brand (content marketing, signage, etc.) can be done effectively on social networking sites.

There are various social media opportunities (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) that are all just waiting to spread your brand’s message. When it comes to social media, it truly is the more, the merrier. Having accounts on multiple social media platforms is very important. Equally important, however, is making sure you’re constantly posting and promoting content on those sites; don’t focus all your efforts on one and neglect the others.

Take pictures of your logo/led sign and post them on these various social mediums, especially Instagram, increasing your sales push. Use the logo or sign as your profile picture, or profile header. Consistency is key.

You should include the proper hashtag with each of your Instagram posts, allowing it to be shared by other consumers and even some non-competing businesses.

No matter which social networking platforms you use, be regular to social media to gain its impact. Use a tool to schedule out days or weeks of posts, so you don’t get behind if you find posting everyday is too much work.

When you stop for a moment and look at where your business is now and how much, further along, it could be even a year from now, there is no doubt the right brand promotions are crucial to capturing more sales.

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