Everything about Foreplay: 10 Tips & Tricks to Drive Your Partner Crazy

sexy coupleDo you want your partner horny as hell and make him climb the walls? Rekindle the “spark” of your relationship and get rid of inhibitions, with the following tips for a great, unforgettable foreplay.

1. Sit on his lap

Men love women’s firm buttocks and especially love them when they are lying on their arms. Stand on his knees and move your hips occasionally.

2. Give up your bra

If you ever get used to wearing a bra, try to forget about it at least on days when you are spending time together at home. Do you think you have that kind of chest not always to wear the bra? Pay attention to his reaction when he sees you with a clingy shirt and no bra!

3. Show him how to use a dildo

Do not keep sex toys just for evenings when you’re home alone, but lie on the bed beside him and offer him a “crash course”.

4. Be frisky in public

When you get to dining in town, take off your underwear (make sure nobody sees you) and slip it into the pocket of his jacket. So you’ll send him the message that something spectacular is going to follow… the dessert!

5. Take the initiative

Be you the one who initiates sex and you’ll feel more sensual and your partner will be surprised, delighted, and very excited.

6. Show him a bit more of you

Show him what you do with your hands when you’re home alone, thinking of him. Let him see how you explore yourself, how your fingers … “disappear” into your body, and then let him penetrate you with a dildo.

7. Be kinky and adventurous

Admit that you look fabulous in your plastic rain boots, but you don’t want to be seen wearing them in public! At home, in your intimacy, you can dress up the way you like (or he wants!). You may even buy bondage equipment and let him open-mouthed one evening!

8. Find sexual fantasy

If he likes to take you hard from behind while holding your hands and pulling up slightly, it means that he wants you to be submissive; he wants to dominate you. Once you’ve found it, you can become his perfect fantasy.

9. Give up selfishness in the bedroom

Turn yourself into his slave in bed tonight, accepting his fantasies and favorite positions! Just make sure that soon, he’ll return the favor.

10. Learn striptease

Learn to remove your clothes with style! If you have the habit of undressing rapidly, without paying attention to your actions, then it would be wise to do the things more slowly. Draw his attention while you’re slightly unbuttoning, bending over him when you get off that shirt.

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