How to Lose Weight with a Busy Schedule: Is It Possible?

fregwtEveryone who needs to lose weight wants to lose weight, right? The question most people ask though is, how to lose weight with a busy schedule?

Moving more and eating less are two of the most important things you need to do when you need to lose weight. No matter how crazy your daily schedule is, there are weight loss strategies you can follow to strike a balance between the time you have and an effective weight loss program.

These are not easy tasks considering the schedule you have. These are the easiest and simplest ways you can do to lose weight, though.

1. Exercise in the Morning

There are just too many things happening at night to a busy person’s schedule to fit in an evening workout. You definitely can fit in at least 30 minutes in the morning to work out before starting a busy day.

2. Pack Your Own Lunch

Plan your office lunch menu for the week every Sunday. Bringing your own lunch to the office will help you have complete control of your calorie intake. It will also allow you to eat healthier food.


3. Eat in Small Portions

Eating less is one of the secrets to losing weight. Most people who want to drop some pounds need to consume around 1,200 or 1500 calories a day. Eat healthy food, skip a second serving and of course dessert. There are online weight loss apps available that can help track calories.

4. Never Miss a Meal

This may run counter to your strategy of eating less to lose weight. Dr. Jessica Bartfield, a medical weight loss specialist and Assistant Professor at the Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago says that busy people need to distribute their calorie intake through the day.

When you starve yourself, you will tend to eat more when you get hungry. As much as possible, stick to the five small meals a day eating pattern.

5. Keep Healthy Food Always on Sight

Clearing your kitchen with junk food and all unhealthy food is one of the first things you need to do when you are starting on how to lose weight with a busy schedule. Stock healthy food instead and keep them within your sight.

You can place some yogurt on the eye-level rack of your refrigerator. You can also load the eye-level shelf of your kitchen cabinet with low-calorie food, tuna packets etc… The goal is that when you need to eat something, healthy food is what you first see.

6. Spread Out Your Movement

A 30 minutes daily work-out is most ideal for losing weight. If you are finding it hard to squeeze that into your hectic schedule, you can spread it out throughout the day.

Try working out for 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes during your lunch break and 10 minutes in the evening. These short bursts can add up and contribute to your weight loss goals.

7. If You can Stand, Don’t Sit

Too much sitting can have damaging effects on your weight. This is the exact reason why there are most obese kids today than decades ago because they would much rather sit in front of a computer to play games instead of concentrating on outdoor activities.

Of course, it could be difficult to work while standing up but you can stand while talking to someone on the phone. You can also stand on the train on your way to work. You can also stand in front of the TV after dinner. These may not contribute too much to your weight loss but to a certain extent, it will.


8. Use the Stairs and Walk the Distance

Elevators and cars provide a lot of convenient. While it is said that they are more of a necessity than they are a luxury, using less of them can help you on how to lose weight with a busy schedule.

When you only need to go up or down a floor or two of your office building, consider taking the stairs. It will be good for your health and it will also help you shed a few pounds.

When you need to go somewhere which is just a block or two from where you are, considering walking the distance. It will not only help you lose a few pounds, it will also help you avoid traffic ad thee difficulty of find a parking space.

9. Create a Home Gym

If you really cannot find time to go to the gym, a home gym is the next best option. You do not need to invest on all those expensive equipment.You can have a great workout using your own body weight and a few simple equipment like resistance bands and hand weights. Don’t forget to monitor your progress using a good body fat scale.


10. Handle Stress

Stress affects your waistline. Weight loss professionals say what you eat, how you move and how you handle stress are three things that affect your weight. Stress influences your appetite, how much calories you consume and how your body will process these calories.

Dealing with stress will not take so much of your time and is believed to be the most important strategy on how to lose weight with a busy schedule.

Practicing Yoga is one of the best ways that may help you reduce stress. Yoga includes mental and physical disciplines. These disciplines can help you achieve peace within your mind and body. A peaceful mind and body can help you relax and effectively deal with stress.

No one can ever shelter herself from stress. Yoga however can help you reduce the effects of stress. With your stress under control, you can now enjoy a healthier and happier life. You can also now take full control of your eating behavior.

Check this best yoga mat bag reviews, get started with yoga and throw away all those stress!

Having read through the list above, it is safe to say that there is now such thing as being too busy for a weight loss program. The how to lose weight with a busy schedule strategies are things that will not take so much of your time.

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