How Does the Military Diet Work?

From the sound of it, let us clarify that this meal plan has nothing to do with the military whatsoever! It is a mere name that was given because of the strict guidelines it puts forward and nothing more.

Don’t think it was introduced to put soldiers into good shape!

If you’re looking to drop some pounds as quickly as possible, this is the go to ideology. It is a three-day diet which makes it far easier than other diet plans.

So does the military diet work? No research has actually proven that this would help you shed weight, however, when considering its components, many nutritionists have gauged that it may make you feel fatigued and grumpy and may also give hunger pangs as it is a low-calorie plan.

Military Diet

What is the catch?

The glorious military diet says that you can lose up to ten pounds in just a week! Sounds shocking? Yes, it is. But at the same time it’s true. Many have followed it and achieved their desired and promised results.

The diet itself is very rigid as you have to keep up with only that you’re allowed to have if you want the perfect outcome. Nothing more, nothing less. While some of the foods part of it is healthy and nutrition filled, others aren’t.

There is a set pattern for lunch, dinner, and breakfast which you should religiously follow; besides that, there is no room for you to munch on your favorite foods, Literally none.

How hard is it to control your cravings for three days? After which you move back to a normal healthy meal plan and see the results by the end of the week!

You can always repeat the diet, but make sure you take a 4-day break before starting it again. Don’t ever make the mistake of stretching it for more than three days. It is necessary for your health.

What to eat and what not to eat!


Whatever food you’re supposed to consume as a part of this diet, they’re predetermined and finalized from before. All you have to do is go to the market and purchase them. And it is extremely important that you follow the complete plan if you want the best results. No cheating!

There’s no super duper food like almonds, salmon or quinoa. Rather you’ll come across basic options such as tuna fish, boiled eggs and everyone’s favorite cheddar cheese! Like come on, who doesn’t enjoy cheese!

A few meals include breads, but they’re not necessarily the multi-grain you are expecting! There is one meal of the day with salt crackers. Neutral diet, isn’t it? But if you notice, its all low-calorie food.

For instance, one breakfast meal has grapefruit, a loaf of bread, fixed portions of peanut butter and a cup of coffee or tea, obviously without sugar. Items on the dinner menu include sausages, portions of broccoli, carrots, half a banana and one more thing which will amaze you: vanilla ice cream. Yikes! What a diet. You’ll have a different meal every single day to break the monotony and keep you going. Stock up!

You’re allowed to have water or black coffee, even tea. But drinks such as soda, juice, milk and especially alcohol are a big no! In case you have allergies from any of the foot items part of the diet plan, you can, of course, make a switch. Just make sure it’s with something that the diet allows, otherwise you’ll have trouble. For instance, you can change the peanut butter with sunflower seed butter if you’re allergic to nuts (which many people are).

You can also take an alternative for the sausage. This may not be the case with grapefruit, you can’t swap that with an orange. Or have cookie dough instead of vanilla where the ice cream is concerned. We repeat: only make swaps that are allowed!


Effort level: Neutral

In other words, the effort you have to put in is medium. Not too hard but not too easy either. The food is available at any grocery store and doesn’t require much time to be prepared either. However, you can get very very hungry, so store up on a lot of will power to get through the three big days.

Only fifteen hundred calories a day can make you feel super sluggish. If you plan on working out that may also add to this. But hey, for shedding ten pounds in a week sounds fair, no?

We’d suggest that you don’t go out to eat in these three days either because as simple as these foods are, you may not find them on a basic menu card of any restaurant. If you’re forgetting, the diet is pretty rigid; No room for modification.


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