Four cool workouts for women to try at home

Working out is becoming more and more popular with women these days. This can not only make you look in better shape but also make you feel better about yourself. Although more women are starting to take advantage of the benefits that exercise offers, there is still one place that strikes fear into many: the gym!

It has to be said that modern gyms have come a long way from those of days gone by. Most of the gyms you see now are light, open and welcoming places that have many classes that women may find interesting. However, this still does not make it any easier for the average woman to feel comfortable in a gym setting. A recent survey showed that 65% of women avoid gyms still and do not feel like working out there.

Why is this? The reason that most gave was feeling anxious about working out in front of other people. This has led many women to exercise within the sanctuary of their own homes where they can get fit without the fear of being judged.

Get the right women’s workout clothes first

When it comes to getting the right clothes to work out in, there are some superb women’s options to consider. The best around is compression wear as this will help keep you safe when exercising and help you recover quicker after your session. As well as supporting your body and increasing blood flow to muscles, the ergonomic design and comfy materials used make them great to wear. Making sure that you have the right clothing to work out in is vital so that you get the most from your sessions and stay safe. As well as compression wear, you will also need shorts or leggings, a loose t-shirt to go on top of any compression garments, and trainers.

Amazing home workouts for women

If you are looking for some cool home workouts for women, then the below should help. Just remember to warm up first!

  • Yoga – one of the best home workouts for women is yoga. This ancient art originally came from India but has become very popular in recent times. It involves holding positions for a period of time – this stretches your muscles and helps keep your body flexible. It can also help to look after your internal organs and kick start your lymphatic system through the gentle stretching. Grab a yoga video or book to get going with and give it a try. With many styles to choose from, including Vikram, Yin and Ashtanga, you will be sure to find one you like.
  • Pilates – another great workout that you can do at home is Pilates. Developed by Joseph Pilates, there are now over 10 million people practicing it globally. Pilates places emphasis on proper breathing, correct body alignment and core work to help make you fitter. This is done through a series of exercises that help to improve balance and strengthen the body. Many people try out Pilates as it is said to help alleviate back pain and be good in keeping elderly people mobile.
  • Boxing – before you count this one out, give it a chance! More and more women are getting into contact sports such as boxing now for the stress relief and superb workout they give. There is no better way to let your frustrations out at the end of the day than hitting a heavy bag or working the reflex bag. Even better, it is entirely possible to do a boxing-style workout at home on your own! If you can afford a punch bag to use, then great, but even if you cannot, you can still do the conditioning work that boxers follow to shed those pounds.
  • Ab-sculpting workout – of course, you may just feel like doing a few exercises put together into a general fitness routine to get in shape. Many women will have their tummy as one area to sort out, and an effective ab workout plan can really help. It is best to include exercises such as oblique crunches, standard crunches, reverse crunches and planks here in a circuit. Do a certain number of reps on each for one circuit, rest a little, and then go again for a set number of total circuits. Before you know it, your abs will be looking tight and ripped.

Getting into shape at home is fun

One of the best reasons to get in shape at home rather than the gym for women is that it is so much more relaxed and fun. With no one else to worry about, you can focus on what you want to do and work out to your heart’s content. If you are stuck for some workout ideas to get going, then the above should help.

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