Common Sports Injuries and How To Avoid Them

rewSports and injuries are synonymous with each other. If you are into sports, you are very well aware of the injuries that happen now and then. Well, a few injuries can be related to a few sports only, but there are many which can be seen across the sports. In this article, we have listed a few of those common injuries that one suffers or may suffer in the course of playing a particular sport.

Let’s start…

1. Achilles Tendinitis

The back of the ankle is an overused part of the foot in some sports. This may lead to pain and inflammation. Well, if one doesn’t pay attention in time, it can make walking difficult, forget running.

Prevention: Strengthening and stretching exercises of the calf muscles is the single most effective method to avoid such an injury.

2. Concussion

A hard blow to the head can lead to an injury of the brain known as concussion. One may experience headache, dizziness, amnesia, loss of balance, disorientation, nausea, difficulty in concentration and loss of balance. Though a person will overcome it in a few weeks or months, but if it is experienced more often, it can lead to permanent brain damage.

Prevention: The best way is to stop playing contact sports. But for some people, it can be difficult. So rest well and do not make any hurry to come back.

3. Strain

The muscles located in the upper thigh help in pulling the legs together. Sometimes when you alter direction while running or walking suddenly, it can cause an injury called as strain. One may feel intense pain, swelling and bruising on the inner side of the thigh due to strain.

Prevention: Stretch, there is no other warm up exercise better than this to prevent strain. Also, avoid quick increase in the intensity of the exercise. Make your groin muscle strong with strengthening exercises.

4. Shin splints

It is an inflammation of the muscles surrounding the shin bone (usually the inside). People whose body isn’t too accustomed to working out are the ones who suffer it more. It can also be due to high intensity made faster than required, or wearing worn-out shoes, or running and jumping on hard ground.

Prevention: Wear good shoes. Do cross training and increase the intensity of the workout gradually.

5. Muscle pull

Weakness, fatigue, inflexible body and not warming up properly are the reasons that cause muscle pull in athletes. Hamstrings and calves suffer the most. Sometimes it can cause bruising too. There are other muscles that may suffer too; it depends on the type of sport you are playing.

Prevention: Stretch, nothing is better than this. Do it before as well as after exercising. Do not work out when you are feeling weak or tired.

6. Ankle Sprain

Hockey, soccer, volleyball and basketball players suffer ankle sprains lot more than others. It happens where a player has to run, jump or turn quickly. This kind of movements twist the ankle or may even tear a ligament or tendon.

Prevention: Strengthen your ankles by exercising. Wear a lace up brace or tape the ankle, these aid in protecting your ankle from injuries.

7. Runners Knee

55 percent of sports injuries are knee injuries. And most of them are grouped into runners knee. The pain can vary from mild to intense depending on the intensity of the injury. A lot of people can experience it including swimmers, cyclists and the ones who are into step aerobics. The primary reason for its occurrence is overuse, which results in irritation under the kneecap.

Prevention: Change insoles and shoes frequently. Run on softer surfaces, make your quadriceps strong with weight training, rest between workouts and cross train.

Follow the preventive measures and enjoy your sport.

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