Basic Supplements and Training Principles for Muscle Growth

Certainly, there are plenty of quick solutions to build some muscle mass, but not everyone knows that these quick fixes do not work for a long time, especially when they rely on supplements that do ‘miracles’ or whatever brand-new ‘miracle fruit’ found in South America.

One of the worst ideas comes into shape when you think you can put weight following diet and training together, and that the 5 kilos are pure muscle mass when, in fact, much of those kilos are due to water retention.

Another misconception that we all thought at one point, or at least we hoped it might be true, is that we can ‘grow’ and lose weight while following the same workout and the same diet forever. Never’s going to happen. Of course, you’ll burn some fat, but to gain muscle mass, you must respect some basic training principles – different from those of the specific weight loss program.

Long hours lost in the gym when you just want to add muscle mass are to blame for the lack of results you hope to get. You may come up with some results, but you will never be satisfied, leading to many frustrations and many clothes in the washing machine!

Things are as follows:

  • Muscles grow when you do not train
  • Training breaks down muscles while resting repairs’em
  • Hormones have the most important role in muscle growth or weight loss
  • Training should be built on hormonal responses

Insofar as high-calories diets lead to unwanted effects – most people put muscle mass and more fat – there is a better way to achieve your goal: training yourself based on prompt hormone responses (mainly testosterone and growth hormone) while suiting your purposes.


Overtraining, dozens of workouts per week, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc. decrease the testosterone and growth hormone levels. The amount and intensity of your workouts should request an adequate hormonal response, without overtraining.

You can build (or not) muscles working out 24 hours a day. It depends on you 🙂
The idea is quite straightforward. You have just finished a good workout at the gym; after, you get into the recovery period. Here all the good things happen (or not) but it depends on you. What you do in the post workout period (food, sleep) has a direct influence on your muscle growth results. Simple, right?

So why do so many people still train the second/third day the same muscle group or introduce a cardio session at the end of a workout thinking it would result in an increase of their muscles? It’s the easiest way to not achieve the desired outcomes.

The easiest way to get them:

  • Eat enough to maintain a high energy level
  • Go to the gym three times a week (45 minutes per workout are enough)
  • Be active on the rest days, do not just stay in front of your computer, in the office, etc. Sleep at night.

No matter how passionate you are, more fitness/more workouts are not the solution. Certainly, cardio or intervals are very useful, but their time is not at the end of a strenuous workout for muscle growth, which, if it was pretty intense, it has already activated all the mechanisms in your body.

You can be active in so many different ways without being 24/7 in a gym! Walking and outdoors activities are great when you want to move after a workout or following a difficult week.

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  1. Hell yeah I’ve been doing something extremely similar to this and have been seeing great results. None of it is particularly expensive and is common in most big stores so its easy to get. Thanks for the article

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