Are You Ready to Transform Your Life with a Body Lift Procedure?

Most body lift procedures today are requested by individuals who have recently lost a significant amount of weight or previously had weight loss surgeries. It’s generally considered the final step in a series of changes that lead to dramatic results.

Who doesn’t want toned, tight abs and a contoured midriff? In most cases, it’s hard to decrease the skin after substantial weight loss or weight loss surgery. All the exercising, dieting, weight loss surgery and liposuction in the world can’t repair saggy skin due to extreme weight loss. The real solution is to get a body lift procedure that targets some different areas on the body, including arms, tummy, or buttocks. If you have recently had extreme weight loss, then a full body lift may be the right solution for you.

Following a body lift procedure, chances are your wardrobe is in for a dramatic makeover as well. With complete confidence, you’ll start wearing a bikini, cocktail dress, or sleeveless shirts once again. Here’s what you need to know about body lift procedures and some of the key areas they commonly target.

Commonly Treated Body Lift Areas

areas good for liposuction


A buttocks lift is one of the most common types of all body lifts. The procedure is generally done through the use of fat transfers, whereby excess body fat is transferred from one target area on the body and subsequently injected into the buttocks area in order to reshape and fill out the contours.

If too much skin is the reason behind a buttocks lift, then the skin is subsequently trimmed away and eliminated during the procedure. Afterward, most patients can quickly return to their normal daily routine within a week. In terms of scars, they typically fade in six months or less by using highly-effective scar remedies and also by closely following the post-operative instructions recommended by your doctor. Although the degree of scarring is primarily individualized, most people don’t care in the case of a buttocks lift since the location of the scar is very inconspicuous.


Many people struggle with excess arm skin following significant weight loss. An arm lift is designed to address saggy arm skin that isn’t retracting following huge weight loss. For the procedure, the surgeon makes a very inconspicuous incision line along the back of the patient’s arm to remove the excess skin. The procedure is typically done under general anesthesia in either a hospital setting or an office-based facility.

If the patient is only getting an arm lift, they generally return home that day and are provided pain medication in order to ease the soreness. Most individuals can return to their everyday activities within just a few days as long as they’re not too strenuous in nature. Scars from the procedure typically fade within about six months by using advanced scar remedies and following post-operative doctor’s orders.

Full Body Lift Procedure

A full body lift procedure involves eliminating excess skin and fat with the use of liposuction in the midriff area of the patient and often includes the waist, abs, flanks, back, and hips. The procedure is done under general anesthesia in the hospital. After the procedure, patients who get the full body lift are often required to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

A full body lift can also be combined with some less complicated procedures as well. The results are literally life changing for the patient.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Body Lift Procedure?

body fat percentage in men and women

Body fat percentage in men and women

Like any other kind of surgical procedure, a body lift procedure is considered actual surgery and, therefore, poses some degree of risk. Candidates for the procedure need to have realistic expectations of the results, explicitly follow their doctor’s orders, and maintain the following to ensure the best outcome:

Overall Good Health

A good plastic surgeon will readily review your entire medical history to make sure that you’re in optimal health to endure a body lift procedure. They’ll also take a close look at any medications you’re currently taking, both prescription and over-the-counter, that may potentially pose a risk during the procedure.

Normal Weight Range

In general, the ideal candidate should be fairly normal in terms of their weight overall. For those who’ve experienced extreme weight loss surgery, a body lift procedure may not happen for up to two years or more following their weight loss surgery. Maintaining a consistent weight will significantly affect the results of getting a body lift procedure.

General Fitness and Nutrition

Plastic surgeons always encourage patients to proactively take control of their general fitness routine and dietary goals to maintain the appealing results of their body lift procedure. Incorporating good nutrition and regular exercise are crucial in maintaining good health overall.

Doctors will recommend that body lift procedure patients stay completely out of the sun following the surgery to help their incisions properly heal. Also, patients who smoke must abstain from smoking for at least two months prior to the procedure since smoking prohibits the general healing process overall.

In the end, a body lift procedure provides new shapely body contours with natural looking results for virtually any body type.

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