Best Pill Identifier Apps for iPhone

Most of us need to take pills everyday. Even if you have a sound health, you should ensure that you have your vitamins regularly. Your iPhone can serve as a great tool when you need to identify pills and medicines. The app market consists of a number of pill identifier apps that can help you identify a wide variety of pills.

To make things easy for you, we have selected some great pill identifier apps and listed them down:

1. Pill Identifier

Pill Identifier consists of more than 10,000 OTC/Rx medications. You can search the database by color of drug, drug name, and shape of drug.

Pill Identifier

Price: $0.99

Download the app here for iOS

2. iPharmacy Drug Guide & PubMed Direct

This is a great prescription and pill identifier reference on your iPhone. The app comprises thousands of medicines and consists of more than 12000 images. You can find lots of useful information in this app on each pill.


Price: Free

Download the app here for iOS

3. Pill Identifier and Drug List

Pill Identifier and Drug List – Patient Care Edition, lets you identify generic and brand drugs by name. This app stores information on 60,000 + drugs. Get the details about any drug or medicine instantly at your fingertips. The app provides you the details of a drug with Ingredients, Direction, Warning, Uses, Prescription or Over-The-Counter (OTC), Manufacturer, and Product NDC#.

You can bookmark any drugs for referring to them later or when you visit the pharmacy or doctor the next time. The details of a drug also has a barcode, which you can show the pharmacists so that they can quickly locate the drug or medicine on the inventory system of their store.

Key features of the app:

  • The app has an intelligent search feature to find generic and brand drugs.
  • User can choose any alphabet among A to Z and view a list of all the drugs starting with that alphabet. When the user chooses any drug name from the list, he/she can see the details about that drug.
  • In-depth details about each medicine is provided to the user, which include brand name of a drug and its generic alternatives, drug overview, important drug information, drug uses, what happens if one misses a dose or is overdosed, drug label warning, conditions in which one shouldn’t use the drug, possible side effects, important safety information about the medicine, storage methods, drug manufacturer and distributer, and more.
  • You can also find the barcode of a medicine in its details. When you visit the pharmacy, simply show the barcode of a medicine to the store staff. The barcode offers the UPC (Universal Product Code) of the medicine to the pharmacists, which lets them find the particular medicine quickly.


Price: Free

Download the app here for iOS

4. Epocrates

Epocrates brings the details about a huge number of drugs at your fingertips. The app lets you review safety and drug prescribing information about thousands of OTC, generic, and brand drugs, check out for potentially adverse drug-drug interactions for up to 30 drugs at one time, select regional and national healthcare insurance formularies to know drug coverage information, perform a large number of calculations like GFR and BMI, identify pills by physical characteristics and imprint code, and access timely research information and medical news. You can avail more features if you upgrade to the Epocrates Essentials subscription.


Price: Free

Download the app here for iOS

5. Skyscape Medical Library

This app is a complete package of medical resources including drug and medicine information, medical calculators as well as clinical information about more than 850 topics. The features of this app include frequent content updates, flowcharts, interactive images, algorithms, medical calculators, Skyscape’s cross-reference functionality, and Smart Link. Additionally, you can purchase over 600 premium resources in about 35 medical specialties, from the app.

The free features are:

  • MedBeats
  • Skyscape Clinical Consult
  • Skyscape Clinical Calculator
  • Skyscape Rx


Price: Free, in-app purchase

Download the app here for iOS

Managing your pills and medicines would be easier with these pill identifier apps. All of them have a friendly user-interface and clean design that offer a great user experience. Get them in your iPhone to be better informed about your medicines.

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