The Best Yoga Apps for Android and iOS

Today we can use our mobile devices for many things. A wide range of applications to help at work, move, entertain, connect with friends, relax, etc. are available for Android and iOS devices. The following article lists the top ten best Android apps for yoga and meditation – a good excuse to stop for a moment in your daily life and spend a few minutes to an inner journey that makes you feel peaceful and relieved.

Daily Yoga


Daily Yoga is probably the most complete and most downloaded yoga app for Android and iOS. It comes with different sessions, different levels of difficulty, and length for you sessions, depending on your level and time availability. It works as a personal trainer with 40 sessions, 300 positions and background music with explanatory videos and picture galleries. There are also many extensions that you can download to expand the content of the app.

Yoga for all


Yoga for all is perhaps less attractive than Daily Yoga, but at the same time a bit more “technical”. No videos are available, but the app uses images and graphics to display the positions. The interesting thing is that it shows you how to relieve pain or illness, and you can choose to perform the exercise depending on the affected part of your body. In theory, these exercises will help you feel better.

Pocket Yoga


Another “Yoga teacher” is what we get into the pocket with this Android application. Pocket Yoga offers 27 different classes to choose from, depending on the difficulty and the time available. It shows more than 145 positions with the aid of graphics, descriptions, and animated images to get the most out of your free time.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga

Relax Melodies- Sleep & Yoga

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga is an app built for improving your meditation exercises and yoga practice, thanks to its extensive library of tunes and background sounds. The app proves to be a useful assistant to improve concentration and to isolate you from the noise outside. It allows you to play randomly the tunes or create your combinations of sounds and melodies.

Nature Sounds


This app is similar to the previous one, as it tries to help us drive our mind to a state of concentration thanks to sounds. However, rather than melodies, Nature Sounds brings closer sounds of nature, such as the storm, sea, rain, water sounds, waterfall, without the interference of musical instruments. Hours of relaxing music that will help you rest, and even sleep.

Yoga Fitness 3D

Yoga Fitness 3D

Yoga Fitness 3D shows 35 yoga postures, with every move in 360°, thanks to three-dimensional graphics. You can drag and rotate to view each single move from every angle in detail. You may also create sequences of eight movements, and select the background where the action takes place.


Mudras app

“Mudras” means hands positions particular to opening or closing power circuits. By completing such exercises in a state of concentration, you get results such as improved sleep, back pain relief, etc. “Mudras” is useful for countless situations. This application will help you make an extensive journey through hundreds of Mudras, with explanations and detailed graphics showing the right position of your hands.

Dharma Meditation Trainer

Dharma Meditation Trainer

If you follow the steps correctly, Dharma Meditation Trainer is a personal trainer who will take you to an ideal state of meditation. You have ten levels of meditation, but you are advised to start with five minutes a day, no more. Relaxation sounds are available along with photographs and notes to help you break the boundaries and get into a full meditation state.

Insight Timer Free

Insight Timer Free

Tibetan bells are a traditional sign in the world of meditation. Insight Timer Free brings you the sound of Tibetan bells to help you meditate. It runs like clockwork, by selecting the starting and ending sounds during the meditation processes, and also sets intermediate sounds. The app displays a history of your meditation exercises with graphics that include up to ten months aback.

Zen temple

Zen temple

Zen temple is an application teaching the basics of meditation. It familiarizes you with basic ideas and concepts about Zen music to help in the meditation process. Zen temple also offers images and phrases to repeat like a mantra, to get into the ideal contemplation state.

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