TOP Services to Create a Responsive Website in 2017

So, you have set up your online business and it has become successful! That’s a notable achievement that has, probably, made your business popular, driven more traffic to your website and increased the amount of sales. What’s next? Considering the fact that we live in the digital era, the majority of business website owners gradually start realizing the importance of making their sites responsive to meet the contemporary needs of their clients and make it possible for them to browse through the websites on the go any time of the day.

Actually, you can benefit in a number of ways from making your website responsive. Being in a rush, many customers lack time to visit your physical office or store to get the products or services they need. Correspondingly, they will appreciate an opportunity to visit your website by using their mobile devices. If you fail to offer them such an option, they may switch to your competitors, who have already taken care of this advanced feature beforehand.

When you launched your website, one of the major goals was to make it user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and informative to provide the clients with the most valuable features of your business. Obviously, these features should be available to all the customers, irrespective of the device they use to visit the website.

By making your website responsive, you will avail lots of advantages from the marketing perspective as well. Such resource will boost the efficacy of your business by making it accessible for much more customers than you could initially imagine. They won’t have to wait until they get home or to the office to visit your website, but will have an opportunity to connect with you right when they need that.

Listed above are only a few benefits of responsive websites. You can get much more privileges by making your business website mobile-friendly. The way this can be done generally depends upon the method you have used when building your website. If you haven’t done that yet, but are right about to launch a responsive website that will feature functionality and efficacy, take your time to explore the top services to do that nowadays.


With several years of experience in the niche, uKit is rightfully considered one of the best web building tools for all categories of users, including those, who give preference to browsing through the websites on their mobile devices. The website builder offers a rich gallery of fully responsive and customizable templates, which are designed with your business needs in mind.


All in all, the website builder offers over 350 mobile-friendly template designs to meet any preferences and requirements. Regardless of the mobile device you use, you will always have a chance to connect to any uKit website you need on the go.


SITE123 is also known for its responsive web design features, which give your business a cohesive and decent vision. Unlike lots of other web building platforms that allow creating content-overloaded websites that load slowly, SITE123 comes with responsive templates, which make it possible to build websites that automatically adjust to different screen types, sizes and resolutions.

As a result, websites created with SITE123 look perfectly on any mobile device you are going to use. What’s more, SITE123 uses a “box model”, which implies that all the elements you upload immediately fall into separate sections (boxes), thus making it easy to manage the content from different templates.


Bookmark is a relatively new website builder, but this is a benefit for this platform, when it comes to website responsiveness. Unlike lots of other website builders that have encountered the need to adapt to the modern tech requirements by implementing mobile-responsive features, Bookmark has initially been created with these features and customer convenience in mind.


Meant to create business and promo sites as well as online stores and landing pages, Bookmark just cannot overlook responsive designs. One of the features that elevates Bookmark templates above those offered by other responsive website builders is the Focus. This is a set of uniquely designed and functional web page sections, which can be added to any part of a website with a few clicks only. Each template has over 20 Focus sections, which vary with regard to its style and theme. Whatever variant you choose, your website design will surely benefit from it.


Webydo is one of those website builders, the popularity of which has extended far beyond its native country. The platform makes it possible to develop fully responsive websites that are perfectly viewed on all mobile devices and browsers. What’s more, Webydo offers two unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. These are the Responsive Breakpoints and Parallax Scrolling.


The first one makes it possible to design unique responsive websites and manage the available site versions from one dashboard by making the breakpoints for versatile mobile devices, screen resolutions and sizes. The second feature allows for the animation of website elements through the use of transitions, motion paths and speed. Both features don’t require any coding skills and, thus, are a perfect solution for the newbies.

Bottom Line

Responsive design open myriads of possibilities to your website and business success in general. The benefits are not limited to online representation of your company only. They go far beyond the expected measures by allowing you to reach new customer categories and demographics.

The website builders described above can give you a brand new mobile experience and each of them has much to offer you in this respect. Just explore the options mentioned in the article and make the choice based on your current web design needs.

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