What effects mobile apps have on us

In the last years, the smartphone became one of the most indispensable accessories for almost each individual on this earth. As smartphones became more and more popular, so did the mobile apps. Mobile apps succeed to transform our lives radically, making it easier and more efficient.

The great companies, Google and Apple opened their app stores for the first time in 2008. From that moment until now, more than 5 million mobile apps were created and are available to download, in order to fulfill their user’s demands. In 2019, there were somewhere around 205 billion app downloads, which represents a 15% increase from 2018.

Following this article you will find out how mobile apps transformed every aspect of our lives and how they are affecting us. It is important to know that, in order to understand what is the main purpose of mobile apps and also, what are the advantages and the disadvantages of using them.

The users of mobile apps

There are two important criterias that an app should fulfill in order to get their user’s interest and to make them use it for a longer period. First of all, the app should be convenient in order to accomplish its user’s demand. Secondly, the mobile app should be simple to use, so that the customer can get a smooth and relaxing experience while using it. There were different studies and researches which showed up that 83% of mobile app users are using their apps daily. By knowing that, below we are going to talk about the important and useful apps and what effects they have in our lives.

Better connection

With the help from great development of technology and internet connection the communication apps have been simplified and improved in order to offer their user a faster and more efficient way to communicate. They can communicate through voice calls, text messages, video chatting or social networking, so it became possible to communicate with the loved one even if they are on the other side of the earth. Also, apps like whatsapp, messenger, skype or many others are being used nowadays from different businesses in order to offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely and from schools and universities in order to offer distance learning for students. Knowing that, the communication apps have a great impact on each individual’s life, offering better options and opportunities and also by being able to stay connected with the loved ones we can say that the communication apps are improving our lives for sure.

Better sources of entertainment

There are thousands of gaming apps available on the app store that fulfill different interests. The mobile gaming apps are dominating the app market each year offering more and more fascinating experiences for their users. There are a large variety of game categories such as action, adventure, sport, logic, online casino, arcade, role-play, simulation and many others, in order to satisfy all the needs. They offer a perfect way of entertainment for users, and they can opt in for playing online games, getting connected with people from all over the world. Gaming apps have great effects for society, making people happier and more entertained.

Using mobile apps to complete daily tasks

With a great help offered from different apps daily tasks are easier to fulfill than ever, because mobile apps started to provide various services, in order to help us save more time and energy. Having access to the online world, mobile apps succeeded in removing physical existence. Things like buying groceries, checking bank accounts, transferring money, buying tickets and many other daily tasks can be easily completed by using services apps so you can focus on more important things like your job or spending more time with your family and friends.

Better health

Due to the great evolution of technology, you can use different mobile apps in order to keep tracking your sport activities. There are different sport apps that you can use in order to maintain a good caloric level or if you are a sport enthusiast, you can use apps that can measure your heart rate, can count your daily steps and actions and offers you great tips on how to improve your lifestyle.

Also, there are several nutritional apps which represent a great help for you if you are planning to get a proper alimentation and to get a better quality of life. We can also see the good effects that mobile apps are offering, helping us become more healthier, and reminding us everyday to become better versions of ourselves.

Increasing work productivity

More and more businesses are moving online using different mobile apps in order to connect their employees. Mobile apps are offering great opportunities for business owners to create schedules, streamline their processes, track their employees productivity and many other important features, in order to increase the business efficiency. Also, there are different apps used by employees in order to become more productive, more organized with their tasks and also more efficient.


To sum up, mobile apps have almost taken over the whole world, offering great advantages and great help for each individual to become better, more efficient and more productive. As we saw above, mobile apps are used for almost everything in this world, that is why we have been aware of their existence and try to implement them in our lives in order to make it easier, so we could focus more on our priorities. Being so popular and offering so much help to this world there is no doubt that it will continue to grow even faster day by day, and because of that we have to be focused and prepared for new changes.

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