Toronto: Are You Ready for CloudFest?

cloudfestLike it or lump it, vaping, and the culture that has emerged from its voluminous plumes, is here to stay. Sure, vaping has shown itself to be an admirable substitute to smoking, but to many, vaping isn’t just a hobby; it’s become way of life. This idea may seem odd to the non-practitioner, but even the staunchest of critics will concede to it once the vape settles on CloudFest 2016.

Simply put, CloudFest is a one of a kind experience for the vaping enthusiast. In addition to being able to sample the industry’s latest equipment and juices, CloudFest, which takes over the city’s expansive Metro Toronto Convention Centre August 26-28th, elevates the act of vaping by educating the public on how to properly pair your favourite dish, highball, cocktail, or brewsky with the seemingly endless supply of flavoured e-liquids. Purveyors from far and wide will also be there to answer all of your most nagging questions. In essence, CloudFest is a unique fair that is centered on the idea that vaping is an experience; one that can enhance a person’s lifestyle in a way that smoking a cigarette never really could.

Want to Be a Sponsor of This Premiere Event?

Vaping may be a niche market today, but it’s quickly gaining mainstream appeal. Because the industry is largely dominated by independently owned boutiques, sponsoring an event as huge as CloudFest (did we mention that the expected attendance for the three day event is expected to exceed 25,000?), arguably offers the best platform from which to present your brand to thousands of local enthusiasts.

Additional benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Relationship building with potential clients
  • Access to the VIP area
  • Take advantage of CloudFest’s marketing campaign which includes conventional media as well as social media

There are also sponsorship levels that can accommodate any budget, so even if you’ve already dog-eared your marketing funds for the year, you can still register as a brand ambassador without having to shell out mucho dollars. Click here to learn more about CloudFest’s comprehensive sponsorship packages.

CloudFest isn’t Just Another Convention – It’s Going to Be Record Breaking!

Like any convention, it goes without saying that there will be products aplenty for sale; and yes, the number of vendors and sponsors on the floor may even seem at times overwhelming – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to experience something truly unique while you’re there. If you haven’t heard, we’re talking about the planned record-breaking erection of the world’s largest hookah.

It’s worth pointing out that the current record belongs to a 21-ft hookah erected by Aladdin’s Sheesha Cafe in Tallahassee, FL, a height that by all accounts will be dwarfed by the 30-ft behemoth set to take shape later this summer.

Would it be amazing to cloud off a 30-ft hookah? Of course it would. But beyond the sheer impressive size of it, perhaps we can wax philosophical for a moment or two and ponder the message it will communicate; that vaping, and vapers, are here to stay.

Remember to Observe Proper Vaping Etiquette

Sure, the grounds of the MTCC will be crowded with vapers – but that doesn’t mean that proper vaping etiquette shouldn’t be observed. After all, as a public event, it’s safe to say that there will members of the non-vaping community present as well. To that end, do your best to adhere to these three vaping etiquette best practices:

  1. Expel your clouds in uninhabited space. Though you may be standing shoulder to shoulder with other vapers all day long, do your best to direct your clouds away from others.
  2. Share your devices safely. Vaping is a very social activity – if sharing your devices, make sure that you have plenty of sanitized, disposable drip tips on hand and avoid that nasty summer cold.
  3. Be respectful. Vaping is a highly personalized experience. When discussion favourite products with others, remember that vaping is about personal preferences and those choices should be respected at all times.

Should Vapers Be Concerned? What Laws Does Ontario Have to Oversee Vaping?

Admittedly, vaping has had to endure its share of detractors, in spite of the fact that numerous studies have to come to the conclusion that vaping is by far and way a much safer option than smoking. In spite of this, government regulations in Ontario state that it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors (actually, most if not all jurisdictions share this position) making CloudFest an event specifically catered to the 19+ demographic.

The landscape for vaping enthusiasts could have been much different; the province’s Liberal government has delayed their plans to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public spaces – a ban that was supposed to be in effect on January 1. Imagine, a vaping convention where vaping would be strictly prohibited…

While the legal landscape might still be somewhat unhewn, events like CloudFest help to solidify and legitimize the community. It may be too early to say conclusively that citywide bans are a thing of the past, but public events like CloudFest will help to send a crystal clear message to lawmakers; that we, as vapers have a right to do what we love.

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