Getting That ‘Summer Ready’ Garden

Have you caught up with the new sensation; camping in your backyard? We’ve seen it on cartoons mostly, and some TV shows. Instead of going into the woods to camp, why not just do it in your backyard, or if the neighbors are away, invade their territory and camp in their backyard or front yard instead. Just remember to leave without a trace; or at least not a trace that leads back to you. According to TripSavvy, camping in a garden is fun, it’s trending in the UK and Europe, and if not already happening, it’s time the rest of the world caught up. Here is some info about the fun and life-changing activity as well as some tips and tricks.

Location! Location! And that’s it!

Camping in a backyard or garden is simple; just camp in someone’s backyard. It could be your backyard, your neighbor’s, or even someone else’s backyard in the next town. It doesn’t matter whose backyard it is; you’ve got to pick a location if the camping is to happen. It’s best to start with your own backyard to familiarize yourself with the experience before going to other people’s backyards. Trust me, it’s a fun activity. Besides, it breaks the monotony of sleeping in one room every night. Sleeping outside is interesting, thrilling in a way, and did I mention fun?

At extremes, camping in backyards entails either inviting your friends over if you have enough room to accommodate a number of people, or you could go to a friend’s place and garden camp over there. Furthermore, you could also rent some space over at someone else’s place, especially if their backyard is one that’s exceptionally spacious and beautiful. Often, this option is best if the person you’ll be renting the space from lives close to some major event like a concert. That way, it’s a win-win situation. You get to be closer to the event, and at the same time, you have some nice, cool, and fun accommodation waiting for you.


According to Garden Camping,a website that specializes in this activity, it is affordable; you can get quality equipment and facilities at a reasonable price. The thing with camping on backyards is that you can share tents with others. You acquire a few tents as you need for the group that will be engaging in the activity and that’s it. And tents are not the only structures that can be used in this activity, there are also gazebos, barbecue sets, garden furniture, and party tents. Just determine which one will be the most suitable for your case and you are good to go.

Class, Style, and Finesse

Setting up your garden for camping is all about creativity. As long as you stay within safety guideline, there are really no rules. Go wild and be as creative as you can. Make your event one of the most memorable to all your guests.

You could decorate your tins with garlands of battery-powered fairy lights. If the camping is at a stranger’s place and there are other tents in the surrounding, making your tent as different as possible will help to make it easier to recognize. You can use unique lighting like tea lights in jam jars or decorate your tent in a manner that’s completely different from what’s happening with other tents.

You don’t have to stay in your air mattresses all night long or just step on the grass. Consider covering the ground with duvets, rugs, sheepskins, cushions, and throws to create a warm and comfortable environment. Are you seeing how fun and interesting this can be? And you don’t have to stop there, you can customize your tent as much as you need to. It’s these little things that make a difference. Furthermore, you can also use color to liven things up. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed it so far but the rain makes things extra shiny and more colorful. Using as many colors as possible within and outside your tent will make the place more colorful and lively. In case it rains, they will be twice as much.

More ideas; consider flowers, deckchair, lanterns, trunks, chandeliers, and even barbecue. It’s regular camping, just being done differently or is it creatively?

Have Fun!

Remember, it’s all about having fun. Yes, you’ll need to do some planning to get things right and for things to go as planned. Don’t place your expectations too high either. Expect that things won’t necessarily go exactly according to plan. It may rain, it may snow, or something else could happen to interrupt the activity. Anticipate these things and prepare for them. there’s no time to go back home just because someone told you so. It’s not fun and you went to the event to have a blast. So then, have fun.

Camping in backyards or gardens is a very fun activity, especially in the summer. In summer, you’ll have the highest traffic or volume of people around. Most schools are closed and most people are in high spirits. It would be a challenge not to enjoy yourself during this beautiful time of the year. Make the most of it by trying out this trending sensation.

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