Making Espresso at Home is an Art

On the off chance you are an espresso lover, enthusiast, or connoisseur, chances are that you are well aware that it is a challenge making the best espresso at home. If you have never made espresso at home and intend to try it, perhaps from some article from the internet, don’t expect the best results instantly. Espresso is a drink that’s made diligently, with love. It is a delicate drink and its rich and intoxicating taste comes from the care it is given when it’s brewed. If you feel you are up to the challenge of making an espresso or any espresso related drink at home, you may want to keep reading.

Why it’s a challenge making good espresso at home

If you have an espresso machine that you bought for a few hundred bucks, by now you have already settled for the subpar taste of the espresso it makes. You figured out on the first day you made espresso with it that it does not make one that’s of high quality as the one you enjoyed at Starbucks or similar coffee place. A hundred bucks are quite a lot of money to most people, and you’d expect a high-quality expresso from a machine that costs that much, but sorry, the drink demands a machine of a higher quality.

The reason it’s a challenge making good espresso at home is the process of making the drink. As you may know by now, an espresso is a drink that’s made by passing water through ground coffee at high pressure. This process needs to be consistent and you need freshly ground coffee beans for superior quality and taste. I’m sorry but most of the machines you buy at a few hundred bucks are just not cut out for making quality espresso. If it is regular coffee you are after, they will do a great job; but for espresso, higher quality machines are necessary.

Mastering the art of making espresso at home

I’m not necessarily going to tell you HOW to make a latte or espresso at home that’s to die for; okay, I’ll share a little of what I know, but I’m mostly going to tell you what it takes to make great espresso at home. Espresso machines or espresso makers come in four main kinds: semi-automatic, fully automatic, super automatic, and manual. If you are the type who’s like, “anything goes!” or “Whatever!” then you will be just fine investing in a fully automatic or super automatic espresso maker. Mind you, the latter is considerably expensive. The automatic espresso makers will brew you a “decently” tasting espresso, and that’s it – decently tasting espresso.

However, if you want to really make espresso, something that will even gain you the respect and admiration of Italians, you will want to invest in either the semi-automatic or preferably the manual espresso maker. Again, take into account that manual espresso makers are also pricey and not for dummies. The semi-automatic espresso maker gives you some degree of control over how the espresso is going to come out and that’s what makes them a better choice than the fully automated versions. You can have variety and make the espresso just the way you prefer it. Things get even better with the manual espresso makers as they give you full control over the result of the espresso.

To master the art of making really good espresso from home, you must first go to Starbucks or a similar high class and revered coffee place and enjoy a taste of mind-blowing espresso. Once your tongue has registered the correct taste of espresso, then get yourself the necessary espresso maker you need at home and start learning to make espresso. If you want something that tastes like espresso, settle for whatever espresso maker you acquire. As long as its coffee or it tastes like espresso, it should be good for you.

Be that as it may, if you want an espresso, real espresso, tongue, and teeth licking espresso, take a breath, gather up strength and courage, as it is going to be a steep learning curve. You may have to invest in an espresso maker that’s quite expensive and get just the correct recipe and ingredients for achieving the right taste. It may take several attempts but with the right espresso maker and the right attitude, it is only a matter of time until you feel like you can put Starbucks out of business.

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