The Home and Family Show: Past, Present, and Future

Home-and-FamilyThe Original Home and Family Show

Have you always wanted to know more about the Home and Family Show? Referred to as just Home & Family, the series is an American daytime home improvement talk show that premiered on the 1st of April 1996 on the Family Channel. Its first hosts were Chuck Woolery and Cynthia Christina Ferrare. Chuck Woolery had been the host for just a few months before he was replaced by Michael Burger. Burger joined in on 3rd June 1996. The last episode of the original show was aired on the 14th of August 1998.


The basic concept behind Home & Family was the sharing of various means by which people could improve their lives at home. This goal was achieved through live lessons teaching viewers about various aspects of a perfect home. Among the experts that have been invited to share their knowledge over the time, worth mentioning Candace Garvey, Bob Golic, Jamie Wynn, The Carey Brothers (Jim and Morris), and Mayita Dinos. Their areas of expertise included lifestyle and crafts, sewing, cooking, home repair & carpentry, and gardening.

Unlike other TV series, each of the show’s episodes was set to be on-air for two hours (104 to 108 minutes). The studio was set up to look like a real home. In addition, the guest star of the day was sticking around for the entire two hours show. It was great as it allowed the viewers to get to know the star’s in-depth interests and personality. This further gave some of the members of the crew a chance to become stars in their own way.

Birth of the new Home & Family Show

Although The Home and Family Show got cancelled in 1998, on the 1st October 2012, it was revived by the Hallmark Channel. The new hosts were Mark Steines and Paige Davis. Davis only stayed for six weeks (until 16th November 2012) before she was replaced by Christina Ferrare, the former co-host of the original show.

Nothing much has changed about the now revamped Home & Family Show. It incorporates most of the concepts it had had back in the 90’s. Other than the celebrity interviews, it also includes home improvements, lifestyle, crafts, health, bargain, hunting, lawn and automotive, fitness enhancement, gardening, cooking, and parenting tips. The three main areas of interest covered by the new series include: Home advice, Do It Yourself (DIYs) tips, Celebrity interviews, and National events. Celebrity guests are usually brought into the show in order to bring some fun.


Basically, the Home and Family is all about answers. With the main theme changing every week, each episode introduces celebrity guests and experts from different fields. They are invited to engage in round-table discussions. Other than the hosts, experts, and celebrities, common people are sometimes invited to join in. The show also tends to keep track of America by ensuring that the hosts engage everyone to shareing stories of interest. Some of the things highlighted include weight loss successes, relationships, and pregnancies.

Taping of the new show currently takes place in a fully functional house which is a 2446 square foot New England colonial style house. It was built on the Universal Studio’s backlot. Ferrare and Steines use each of the rooms to show the viewers what’s inside and just how much one can save or make from them. For instance, they give tips on how one can grow organic and tasty greenhouse vegetables at home, or how they can spend as little as $100 for a whole week of grocery shopping.

Nominations and Future of Home & Family Show

The show’s comeback has been well received by viewers from all over the country. Season 2 of the show premiered on 30th September 2013. Home& Family was again renewed for a third season on 30th April 2014 and started airing on 13th September 2014. In total, there have been 4 seasons.

Home & Family is produced by the Woody Fraser Productions and directed by Bob Levy. It’s aired Monday to Friday at 9:00 am central time and 10:00 am Eastern time. So far, the show has had one nomination – Daytime Emmy Award for outstanding lifestyle program.

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