The 5 Most Expensive Coffee Machines in the World (#3 will bankrupt you)

We all have a preferred method to brew coffee – whether it be machine or manual – to get us on the right track each morning.

It could be something you bought ‘on the cheap’, something you sourced from your favorite coffee shop, or just handed down to you by a friend or family member. While that’s all great, don’t you sometimes fancy something a little, well, fancier?

Whether you want to be brewing that cup of perfection at home, enjoy getting it from a coffee shop, or simply dreaming about it right now, the following five super expensive coffee machines are well worth your coffee daydreams:

1. The Siphon Bar

The Siphon Bar

  • Price tag: $20,000
  • Where to find it: Blue Bottle Cafe (San Francisco and New York City)

The Siphon Bar has all the elements – lights, heat, clear flasks, and aromatic coffee – that make for the kind of brewing a coffee aficionado would be very interested in experiencing (despite the $20,000 price tag)

This high-end coffee maker makes use of halogen lights to provide the heat, with glass globes sitting atop a rectangular brass contraption that is both modern in function but with an exquisite vintage vibe.

The method to make coffee with the Siphon bar is not simple – but it is an amazing process to witness. The bottom glass globe initially contains the water heated over the halogen lamp. The vapor that escapes from it permeates into the coffee grounds that fill the upper globe.

You have to stir the mixture with a bamboo paddle to create a whirlpool effect and aid extraction of the grounds, and once the grounds have been saturated and extracted, the coffee is then siphoned back into the lower globe. The resulting brew has a light texture and a tinge of natural sweetness.

2. The Concordia Xpress 6

The Concordia Xpress 6

  • Price tag: $19,000
  • Where to find it: Available through Concordia Coffee, based out of Redmond, WA.

When you brew at home with your French press, you wait around 5-6 minutes. When you order at Starbucks, it may take a bit longer depending on the queue. But, with the coffee-making behemoth that is Concordia Xpress 6, you get your cup of joe in seconds!

This feature-packed machine has two high-capacity bean hoppers, a refrigerator that can contain up to two gallons of fresh milk, and an ‘EspressJet’ flavor system.

With the convenience of these features in one machine, you get to make anything from a mean espresso to a delicious latte without breaking a sweat. It allows you to make up to about 1,000 drink combinations!

3. The Javabot

The Javabot

  • Price tag: $1,000,000 (yes, a million big ones!)
  • Where to find it: The Roasting Plant (New York)

The name sound’s like something straight out of a sci-fi movie and once you see it in action, you just might agree that it is quite a technological wonder – in fact, it’s not just a coffee machine, it’s a walk-in coffee machine!


The custom-designed clear pneumatic tubes of the Javabot hold the green beans first, which are then be transported to another part of the system for roasting. Once done, they are automatically moved into another set of tubes where they will be held for 48 hours.

You can then order your preferred grind type (they have quite a number to choose from), and the freshly roasted beans will be ground with a First-in, first-out order, and then brewed right then and there by the same impressive machine.

The experience you get is similar to being in a coffee plant, but you get to see everything from fresh bean storage to roasting to grinding and finally to brewing in a cafe setting.

At the end of the process, thanks to the million-dollar Javabot, what you get is a fresh cup of joe that’s bursting with flavor, caffeine, and all the richness and goodness of coffee from different parts of the world. You’ll never get a fresher tasting cup of joy than with the Javabot.

4. The Rancilio Classe 10

Rancilio Classe 10

  • Price tag: $18,500
  • Where to find it: Available Via the Rancilio group, who have distribution centers worldwide.

Espresso is the kind of brew that true-blue coffee enthusiasts simply cannot do without. If you’re planning to serve them up at home gatherings or in a small commercial space, the Rancilio Classe 10 made by an Italian manufacturer may be an excellent choice despite the overwhelming price tag attached to it.

This top-of-the-range machine has all the barista-level features you can also enjoy in your kitchen – like the ‘pressostat’ boiler pressure control, 16L heat exchange boiler technology, expanded pre-infusion chamber, and an automatic water level control system.

It has USB technology that lets you use a sophisticated software to control the various aspects of this espresso wonder, including temperatures of the electric cup warmer.

5. The Franke Evolution #1

Franke Evolution

  • Price tag: $18,000
  • Where to find it: Available at Franke Coffee machines have machine dealers worldwide.

Manufactured by a Swiss company (we know that this means: quality) the Franke Evolution 1 was made to impress, not just with its price tag, but also with its features.

This fully automatic, high-end coffee machine showcases a top-of-the-line boiler, an illuminated LCD, adjustable coffee dispenser, self-cleaning refrigerator, two precision burr grinders, stainless steel cup warmer, and a steam wand.

The Franke Evolution 1 is also programmable, and you can access the various functions via its six soft-touch buttons. You can key in steaming options, volume or amount of coffee to be ground, and how much water you want to use for the brewing session. It’s so easy and convenient to use that you don’t even have to move your cup to grind, and then brew, and even to steam or froth.

Whether you like a simple shot of espresso, a frothy cappuccino, or a creamy latte, this sophisticated coffee machine is sure to take your cup of joe to an entirely new level.

These dreamy coffee machines may be tagged as the priciest in the world, but they sure deliver an experience that you won’t get at home with your french press!

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